Chengdu Hunters make their own theme song and music video

“It’s my life, this is my fight.”

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

The Chengdu Hunters plan to make their 2020 Overwatch League debut with a triumphant entrance. The team revealed its newly-released theme song on Chinese social media site Weibo today, complete with a lyric video.

The energetic power ballad is sung predominantly in Chinese with a few English phrases sprinkled in over the course of the song. At time of writing, the team hasn’t released an official translation of the lyrics.

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The song’s intro is reminiscent of epic music with strings and a choir. The verse is a small crescendo as more instruments join in, including an electric piano and guitar. The tune grows in the chorus with triumphant vocals and the addition of a distorted guitar.

A rap bridge kicks off with “this is my life/this is my fight” after the first chorus. The song returns to the verse and finishes after another chorus with an electronic-inspired outro.

The lyric video shows an animated character wandering on a Chinese scroll with a pet panda on their heels. The lyrics appear in the background as they’re sung. The end of the animation reveals a city, presumably Chengdu, painted on the scroll.

The Chengdu Hunters will make their 2020 Overwatch League debut this weekend. The team will face off against the Hangzhou Spark on Saturday, March 28 and will play against the Shanghai Dragons on Sunday, March 29.