Bull Demon Orisa revealed for Overwatch’s 2021 Lunar New Year event

A bull in a lootbox.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Year of the Ox is here and Orisa’s the chosen Omnic to herald it in. Bull-Demon Orisa is the third Legendary skin unveiled for Overwatch‘s upcoming Lunar New Year event, scheduled to begin later today.

While Orisa is a sweet guardian with a big heart, the repeated stresses of being a tank seem to have taken a toll on her psyche, bringing out her darker side with an ominous, demonic bullhead.

The Bull-Demon is likely a reference to the antagonist Bull Demon King from Journey to the West, a classic and popular literary novel in the Eastern canon.

This isn’t the first time that the gentle guardian robot has tapped into her inner demons, though. The hero’s Halloween Demon skin and foreboding Forest Spirit remain hot favorites.

Overwatch‘s annual Lunar New Year event is always a good time. Last year’s edition brought four Legendary and three Epic skins, so there’s still room for more heroes to enter the dressing room and spotlight.

If nothing catches your fancy this year, you’ll still be able to unlock more than 30 skins from past years’ archives. If cosmetics just aren’t your thing, look forward to seasonal game mode Capture the Flag, which is quickly becoming a Lunar New Year tradition.