Brigitte gets a GOAT skin for Overwatch League opening weekend

We can all go GOATS one last time starting Feb. 6.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Move over, Reinhardt: Brigitte gets to be the “Greatest Of All Time” in her new skin. To celebrate the Overwatch League’s return on Feb. 8, a new skin featuring GOAT Brigitte will be available on Feb. 6. The skin is a cheeky reference to the GOATS meta, which dominated the Overwatch League for multiple stages last year. 

Brigitte’s new skin changes her neutral-toned armor to a white, purple, and blue design. It’s also more form-fitting, sparkly, and chrome. Her hair is a bright shade of violet with a large pair of goat horns attached to her head. As a Legendary skin, there may be voice line variations that haven’t been revealed yet.  

While Brigitte may be the greatest of all time to support players who love her, the skin isn’t a reference to her confidence. GOATS meta, often referred to as the “triple-triple” meta, was omnipresent in the 2019 Overwatch League season. The triple support, triple tank team composition required intense coordination—minor mistakes often cost teams entire matches. 

As multiple stages of the Overwatch League went on, damage players grew frustrated with the state of the game. Role queue was mandated in stage four of the league, as well as in Overwatch itself, effectively killing the triple-triple meta.

Brigitte was the central part of the GOATS meta due to her passive healing, Rally ultimate, and Shield Bash ability. The GOAT Brigitte skin is a testament to how important, and often annoying, the healer was during this time period. 

The GOAT Brigitte skin will be available from Feb. 6 to 19.