What is GOATS in competitive Overwatch?

It’s more than just an animal. Find out about the popular triple-triple composition.

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GOATS. Casters talk about it during games. Players talk about perfecting it. Everyone talks about how to kill it. If you’re new to the Overwatch scene, here are some details about the composition on everyone’s minds.

GOATS is a form of team composition in Overwatch that is based around running three support heroes and three tank heroes. It’s commonly referred to as “3-3” or “triple-triple,” especially on official channels like the Overwatch League. No damage-dealing characters are included; the composition relies on keeping the extremely heavy tanks healed up and able to coordinate ultimates to wipe out the opposing team.

Many fans and players have appropriate questions about how a team composition acquired the name of a farm animal. A North American Overwatch Contenders Trials team named GOATS used the triple-triple composition in nearly every match. Their competitors quickly saw how indestructible the composition was, and it grew in popularity as professional players and teams picked it up. The name stuck, and now everyone plays GOATS.

The power of triple-triple comes from its sustainability in team fights. The original GOATS composition included Reinhardt, Zarya, and D.Va as tanks and Lúcio, Moira, and Brigitte as supports. While many variations have popped up as triple-triple is perfected, the basic idea of the composition has stayed the same.

GOATS revolves around a few select heroes, who can’t be swapped out without the composition failing in some way. Lúcio, Brigitte, and D.Va are often must-picks. Dot Esports’ analysis into GOATS gameplay explains why.

There’s a lot of hate out there for triple-triple despite it being such a solid composition. Many professional players, especially those who play damage-dealing roles, are upset that they have to flex onto support or tank heroes. Despite rumors that the recent PTR patch would “nerf” GOATS in time for the Overwatch League, some players have reported that not much has changed.

With the second season of Overwatch League merely days away, it’s a near-guarantee that fans will be seeing more of triple-triple this upcoming season.


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