All Overwatch 2 heroes and their voice actors

The talent behind the hero.

Overwatch heroes standing together, including Winston, Mercy, and more.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Their voice lines are iconic.

Whether they’re being spammed in the pre-game lobby or yelled across the map to announce an ultimate ability, Overwatch characters’ voices are important for a variety of reasons and important scenarios. An Overwatch hero is more than their design, their kit, or their powerful ultimate. A hero is brought to life by a voice actor—and Overwatch has some of the best in the business.

Blizzard is known for its great voice acting in games like World of Warcraft or Diablo—and Overwatch is no different. The talent is the same as the ones who voice the heroes in animated shorts and other media, so the choice behind who is cast is huge.

Complete Overwatch 2 voice actors list

Lifeweaver – Phuwin Tangsakyuen

Lifeweaver standing in Midtown while smelling a pink rose that he manifested.
The first Thai hero is the game is voiced by a young Thai actor. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Ramattra – Ramon Tikaram

Ramattra, a robotic Omnic unit, stands and wields a purple staff, firing a purple beam in Overwatch.
The Omnic tank is voiced by someone who appeared in another Blizzard game, Diablo Immortals. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Sojourn – Cherise Boothe

Sojourn is the game’s first Canadian hero. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Junker Queen – Leah de Niese

Junker Queen stares seriously at the camera during a closeup while holding her Jagged Blade.
The Junkertown royalty is voiced none other than an Aussie. by Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Kiriko – Sally Amaki

Kiriko’s voice actress is known for her singing as well as voiceover work.Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Ana – Aysha Selim

Ana was the first hero to be added to the game after it’s release. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Ashe – Jennifer Hale

Ashe and B.O.B. in Overwatch, with B.O.B. holding a Route 66 sign.
Ashe has ties to another western-themed hero in Cassidy. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Baptiste – Benz Antoine

Overwatch hero Baptiste preparing for battle.
Blizzard found a Haitian actor to voice the hero comes from the country. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Bastion – Chris Metzen

The Omnic’s voice was provided by a Blizzard executive in charge of creative design. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Brigitte – Matilda Smedius

Brigitte is the only support in the game with a shield. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Cassidy – Matthew Mercer

Cassidy’s voice actor is also known for being a part of the popular D&D group Critical Role. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

D.Va – Charlet Chung

An image of D.Va inside her mech looking at the camera with her Fusion Cannons ready to shoot.
D.Va is among the few heroes to have her own cinematic. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Doomfist – Sahr Ngaujah 

Given his stature, many people thought Doomfist might be voiced by Terry Crews instead of Sahr Ngaujah. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Echo – Jeannie Bolet

Echo is one of a handful of Omnic heroes that are voiced by humans. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Genji – Gaku Space

Genji might have some of the most-spammed voice lines in the game. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hanzo – Paul Nakauchi

Hanzo is the game’s projectile-based sniping hero. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Junkrat – Chris Parson

Junkrat from Overwatch 2 holding up a mug shot identification card.
The Aussie hero is almost always close by his partner in crime, Roadhog. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Lúcio – Jonny Cruz

Lucio comes to a screeching halt while skating toward the camera.
Lúcio can change the pace of a game with music and music alone. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Mei – Elise Zhang

Mei wears a set of Summer Games pajamas.
Mei might spend her time in arctic conditions, but she’s originally from China. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Mercy – Lucie Pohl

Mercy is voiced by one of gaming’s more veteran voice actresses. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Moira – Genevieve O’Reilly

Similar to other heroes with a strong national identity, Moira’s voice actress hails from the same country as her–Ireland. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Orisa – Cherrelle Skeete

The omnic from Numbani has a heavily synthesized voice, but she’s not as robotic as Bastion. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Pharah – Jen Cohn

Pharah and her mother, Ana, provide Eyptian representation to the game’s roster. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Reaper – Keith Ferguson

Reaper’s voice will have you checking under your bed at night. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Reinhardt – Darin De Paul

Reinhardt’s boisterously jovial voice is a staple of the franchise. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Roadhog – Josh Petersdorf

Roadhog doesn’t say much, but his booming low voice always leaves an impression. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Sigma – Boris Hiestand 

Sigma’s actor is also the voice of Marl from Anthem and Antanas from Lords of the Fallen. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Soldier: 76 – Fred Tatasciore

Soldier: 76 from Overwatch 2 holding his gun.
The American hero is voiced by an extremely well-known industry veteran. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra – Carolina Ravassa

You may recognize Carolina Ravassa’s voice from other games like VALORANT, in which she voices Raze. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Symmetra – Anjali Bhimani

Symmetra is the game’s only Indian hero, but she doesn’t have as thick of an accent as some others. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Torbjörn – Keith Silverstein

Torbjörn’s accent is a prominent part of Keith Silverstein’s voice acting efforts. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Tracer – Cara Theobold

Tracer’s English background is heavily portrayed in Cara Theobold’s voice acting. Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Widowmaker – Chloe Hollings

The sniper is known for her strong French accent. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Winston – Crispin Freeman

Winston wears his season one battle pass skin.
Winston is one of the original heroes to be portrayed in an Overwatch cinematic. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Wrecking Ball – Jonathon Lipow
(Hammond – Dee Bradley Baker)

Wrecking Ball is the only hero that has two separate voice actors. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Zarya – Dolya Gavanski

Zarya flexing for the camera.
Zarya is one of the original tank heroes from when the game was released in 2016. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Zenyatta – Feodor Chin

The Omnic monk is known for his calming voice despite having lethal abilities. Image via Blizzard Entertainment


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