Who is Ramattra’s voice actor in Overwatch 2?

What a voice.

Ramattra holds a deceased omnic.
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A huge part of Overwatch 2’s characters’ personalities can be attributed to their voices. Behind the animations and cutscenes are real people who lend their vocal talent to the game to bring the writers’ lines—and the characters—to life. Many of the franchise’s voice actors have become community celebrities in their own right and frequently attend conventions and make videos featuring the characters they portray. Ramattra, the next new hero coming to Overwatch 2, and Ramattra’s voice actor continue the series’ rich tradition of voice work.

Ramattra has a rich history thanks to the designers at Blizzard Entertainment, who have made him a close friend of Zenyatta and an enemy of many of the Overwatch members in the cast. He speaks in a grandiose manner and likes to impose his philosophy on others, which means he needs a convincing voice to complete his character. Thankfully, he has one.

Here’s everything we know about Ramattra’s voice actor in Overwatch 2.

Ramattra’s voice actor: full details and voice acting background

Ramattra’s English voice actor is Ramon Tikaram. Tikaram is a well-known actor based out of London, England. He has previously appeared in the Blizzard title Diablo Immortal as well as other extremely popular titles like Elden Ring, Subnautica, and League of Legends, so he’s no stranger to the world of games. He has also acted and provided voice work for a huge amount of TV shows and movies dating back to the mid-1990s.

How long has Ramon Tikaram voiced Ramattra?

Ramattra’s voice was first heard in the original Overwatch during an Archives PvE mission. In a cutscene, the then-nameless omnic spoke with Doomfist about employing Talon’s help to further the Null Sector organization’s mission. It’s not clear whether Tikaram provided the voice for that first appearance of Ramattra, but his voice does sound similar to the one heard during the initial appearance of the omnic.

Tikaram is joining a star-studded cast of voice actors on the Overwatch 2 roster, including Jen Cohn, Anjali Bhimani, and Lucie Pohl. Based on his voiceover in Ramattra’s origin story video, it sounds like he’ll fit in just fine with the rest of the crew. We can’t wait to hear what he does next with Ramattra when the hero releases alongside season two of Overwatch 2 on Dec. 6.

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