WoW Mythic Dungeon International changes format for Shadowlands Season 2

They're moving to a group-style format.

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World of Warcraft’s Mythic Dungeon International is moving away from the weekly tournament format that it’s known for in favor of a group-style event for Shadowlands Season Two.

The season, which will begin in August and has no officially set finale date, will start out with time trials and move to a “Group Play” phase from Sept. 3 to 19. The time trials, a regular qualification method for the event, will go from Aug. 18 to 24. After that, the top 24 teams will be split into three groups of eight with one group duking it out each weekend.

To keep things interesting, the affixes and dungeon keystone difficulty will change from group to group, but teams will have one week’s worth of a heads up prior to their group’s turn so that they can practice.

Each group’s weekend will have a $20,000 prize pool, and the Global Finals will have a prize pool of $300,000.

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The top two teams from each weekend of group play will advance to the eight-team global finals. The last two spots in the Global Finals will be filled by one team from China and another team from a “Last Stand Tournament.”

Teams that qualify for the Last Stand Tournament will compete to see who can push the highest Mythic Keystone in a 15-hour period. There is no set date for that tournament yet, nor is there a set date for the Season Two Finals. 

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Based on past MDI seasons held in the latter half of the year, the finals could end up being played at a BlizzCon-like event later in the fall. The change to a group-style format comes after many seasons of weekly Cup tournaments that regularly had nearly identical results from week to week.

Typically there would be two teams with a notably higher skill cap facing off in the finals from week to week leaving little room for plotlines from other teams to develop that didn’t include fighting for third or fourth place. A group-style format may serve to get rid of some of the redundancies of the old Cup format and shine a spotlight on mid-level teams that are fighting to get into spots 3-6 in the finals.