ThatSrb2DUDE reaches S+ in Splatoon 3 ranked in lightning-quick fashion

Less than a day into Splatoon 3, one streamer has already reached its highest rank.

Image via Nintendo

Twitch streamer and avid Splatoon player ThatSrb2DUDE managed the impossible today, reaching Splatoon 3’s highest rank less than 24 hours after the game’s release.

Reaching the highest rank in any game is a monumental task, one that takes months or even years to achieve. Splatoon 3, like many other games with skilled-based matchmaking, assigns its players a ranked based off their in-game performances and results. In Splatoon 3’s ranked system, the point values of wins gradually decrease as you rise in rank while the penalty per loss subsequently increases. This means that climbing all the way from C-, the game’s lowest rank, to S+ requires immense skill.

Given that Splatoon 3 is also a recently released game, launching only on Sept. 9, players have had very little time to climb Nintendo’s ranked ladder. Somehow in a nearly perfect night of games, Twitch streamer ThatSrb2DUDE managed to reach Splatoon 3’s highest peak in less than a day.

“We did it! We got S+ at the 12 hour mark!” The Splatoon 3 player exclaimed after claiming his final victory, “We did it! We’re already S+ in Splatoon 3, dude. I mean we worked for that grind.” Hardly able to contain his elation after hitting the highest rank so early in the game’s lifecycle, ThatSrb2DUDE reflected on his near perfect release day run.

While some streamers are unlucky enough to get caught by four-stacks containing some of Splatoon’s best players ever, those such as ThatSrb2DUDE have already etched their name at S+. After reaching the mountaintop, all the Twitch streamer need do now is defend his place.