Pokémon Go Battle League Season 11 will now use normal rankings as Niantic works on adjustments

Season 10 rankings will be used to determine Pokémon Go World Championship Series eligibility.

Image via Niantic

Niantic has released an update containing more details for Pokémon Go Battle League Season 11, which is being called a “change of pace” compared to the game’s usual seasonal structure. 

Specifically, the developers will be putting a halt to ratings in Season 11. As a result, Niantic and The Pokémon Company will instead use Season 10 rankings to determine early registration eligibility for the Pokémon Go World Championship Series.

This decision was made to give Pokémon Go developers an extended period of time to work on balances and adjustments for the GBL while still giving players a way to continue their competitive campaigns.

While working on adjustments, Niantic may use Season 11 as a chance to test new formats for Pokémon Go Battle Days and the reward structures. And, the typical attack changes and availability updates aren’t being made to “maintain stability” for battles as the World Championship Series circuit begins.

To coincide with this, Season 10 will be extended briefly to March 1 from its original Feb. 28 end date. Season 11 will begin on Tuesday, March 1 and will be live through the end of the next Pokémon Go season of content on June 1, which should be revealed later this month when the Season of Heritage ends.

Along with this news, Niantic has confirmed that GBL seasons will coincide with the seasons of content in Pokémon Go moving forward. 

For Season 11, all rankings will cap at Rank 20 and no ratings will be viewable throughout the season. Cups will rotate weekly and feature re-runs of pre-existing Special Cups.