Players can play as any available Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE until Jan. 3

The trial period will be limited to Standard and Quick Battles.

Image via TiMi Studio

TiMi Studio has been releasing a lot of content in small bursts to celebrate the holidays and reward players before the New Year in Pokémon UNITE, and now there is an added bonus going live. From now until Jan. 3, players will be able to play as any Pokémon currently playable in the game, regardless of if they have acquired a Unite License for that Pokémon. 

Players will be limited to using trial Pokémon in Standard and Quick Battles, meaning that you must own the Unite License for a Pokémon to use it during Ranked matchmaking. 

Typically, players will need to have either unlocked or purchased a Pokémon’s Unite License in order to have access to them during a match. This is usually done by completing side missions, participating in limited-time events, or just outright buying the license with Aeos Coins or Aeos Gems. 

TiMi also has several ways for players to try out a Pokémon before they decide to unlock them. The most common method is the free-to-try rotations, which change every Sunday and gives all players access to a set of four different Pokémon for that week. 

Additionally, there are limited trial licenses that will unlock a specific Pokémon for a set number of days, typically ranging from one to seven days. These are obtained through completing side or event missions. 

This all-trial will run from now until Jan. 3 at 5:59pm CT and is available for the entire playable roster.