How to improve aim in PUBG Mobile

Welcome to your first PUBG Mobile class.

Image via PUBG Mobile

The battle royale genre had its fair share of success on PC before any popular mobile ports came to be. PUBG Mobile entered a market where many clones were already drawing in millions of players, but the production value of the game was advanced enough to draw in gamers who were already invested in different titles.

PUBG Mobile reported that its download numbers exceeded 600 million in 2019, and the number keeps growing by the day. When the player count increases this rapidly, it’s inevitable for a competitive scene to emerge. Most of the player base tries to showcase their skill in the game’s ranked mode for a chance to land themselves a spot in a promising team.

Considering each match of PUBG Mobile features 100 players, you need to have a specific set of skills to rise above the rest. Knowing the best guns in the game and the terrain of the map is essential, but you’ll also need a proper aim to seal the deal. If you can’t seem to win one-on-one fights, you will always find yourself one step behind a chicken dinner.

Though you can get away with avoiding fights until a certain rank, You’ll need to show what you’re made of to achieve the Conqueror tier. Some players will be naturally gifted when it comes to aiming, while others will need to put in the work to improve themselves. Aiming is a skill you can carve into your muscle memory, and there are many ways you can apply to get better at it.

Here’s how you can improve your aim in PUBG Mobile.

Perfect your sensitivity settings

Aiming is all about being precise when you need it the most. You can set your sensitivity to lower values to make sure you don’t accidentally aim at random locations while trying to take down an opponent. You’ll also need to make a fair compromise since you’ll need speed while scouting around.

PUBG Mobile offers plenty of customization options when it comes to sensitivity settings, and taking your time to fine-tune can have marvelous results. Even the screen protector you may be using can affect the sensitivity values you prefer, but you can always check out what sensitivities veteran players use through their Twitch and YouTube channels.

Learn using the gyroscope

Gyroscope is a fairly common feature in most recent phones and tablets. You’ll practically be able to adjust your aim by moving your phone.

While aiming like this under all circumstances you can think of can be less than ideal, using the gyroscope will increase your preciseness, especially when you’re aiming down sight (ADS). When you’re zooming on an enemy player, your fingers may stop being precise enough, costing you an easy kill.

Getting used to busting out the gyroscope whenever you need it will take time, but it’s one of the worthy skills to have in PUBG Mobile. Head over to settings and check out your gyroscope sensitivity levels before hitting the training grounds.

You’ll have the option to turn on the gyroscope only when you’re ADSing or at all times. Most professional players usually turn it on just for ADSing. You can still turn it on entirely for a game to see how well and stable it performs so you can make a better decision.

Experiment with aim assist

Aim assist makes most shooter titles playable on gaming platforms that don’t have access to gaming mice and keyboards. Despite how helpful aim assist can be, most high-ranked players in PUBG Mobile turn it off.

The main reason why aim assists loses its appeal in higher ranked games is that most players prefer playing in squads, a game mode that favors sticking with your team. Aim assist makes it difficult to land back-to-back headshots since the assistant tries to drag your crosshair down to the next target’s chest area.

We recommend playing a couple of games with and without the aim assist feature. If you feel more confident while playing with aim assist, then keep it on.

In any case where you find it distracting to have, you’ll notice that you’ll be scoring more squad-wipes after you turn off the feature. 

Practice your crosshair placement

PUBG Mobile is technically a survival game, and you can only increase your odds of surviving when you expect the worst at all times. Having your crosshair properly placed on your screen will reduce the number of movements you’ll need to make when you encounter an enemy.

If you were to have your crosshair pointing at the roof of a house, you’d need to make at least two gestures to adjust your crosshair and potentially kill an opponent. It doesn’t matter where you’re looking at in a match. Try to keep your crosshair at an enemy’s head level. This means that whoever walks into your line of vision will be in danger of getting headshot by you.

You can change your crosshair color to make it more noticeable, which can help keep it aligned. Try colors like red, pink, and green since the others can blend in with the terrain in specific maps. 

Head to the practice map to run drills

Playing the game will always be the best kind of practice, but you may need to take a step back to see more noticeable improvement signs. PUBG Mobile has an excellent practice range where you can train yourself for a variety of in-game situations.

Pick out different weapons and shoot at moving targets from different ranges. Try to get a feel of each weapon’s bullet drop, which will increase your accuracy in longer distances. When you shoot at enemies that are quite far away from you, the bullet’s travel speed will also play a factor. You may need to shoot slightly ahead of them or a little bit higher depending on your weapon, and the practice range is the best place to get the hang of this.

Get familiar with the sounds and map indicators

You may not always need to see an enemy to know their whereabouts. Your other senses will also play a vital role during a PUBG Mobile match since you’ll often be hearing the approaching players before you see them in close-quarter situations.

Try to identify the directional sounds and consider investing in a set of gaming-grade earbuds so you can hear better. In cases where you’re playing with lower volume levels, keep an eye on your minimap since there will be indicators to let you know of enemy players nearby. Move accordingly to each bullet and footstep direction that you know of. 

If you’ve been keeping quiet, this information-gathering will essentially turn you into one of the most dangerous players in your area since you’ll practically become a ticking time bomb.

Don’t always rush into situations

A decent chunk of the PUBG Mobile player base enjoys the adrenaline and wants to rush into every building they can get into, even without any loot. While aggression can be the best strategy to catch your enemies off-guard, it can also decrease your accuracy.

Rushing into a house that’s safekeeping a squad will undoubtedly cause some players to panic, and it’ll be hard to aim precisely when you’re not 100 percent calm. Don’t skip out on gathering more information before deciding to rush. Try identifying your target’s loot and even luring them out with fake gunshots or grenades.

Unless the circle is right behind you, playing your hand slowly will always be the best option since your goal is to get that sweet chicken dinner.

Start utilizing grenades

Grenades tend to be overlooked in PUBG Mobile. Most players pick them up with automatic looting but forget to use them throughout a match. While some of the throwables are useful in more niche situations, the smoke and frag grenades can be game-changers.

If you’re facing an enemy who’s hugging the safe zone behind a rock and you can’t find a way to take them out, a simple frag grenade can quickly force them to face you.

In any case, where the roles are reversed, and the nearest cover from your rock is just too far away, you can throw a couple of smoke grenades to cover your rotation.

The reason why utilizing grenades is helpful for your aim is because they improve the situation that you’re in. You need to turn challenging situations into easier ones when you can, creating better opportunities for your aim to do the rest of the talking.

Consider getting a mobile game joystick and finger sleeves

Practicing and adjusting your settings will only get you far in PUBG Mobile. If you believe that you’ve done everything necessary and only require a little bit of more comfort to perfect your aim, then a mobile game joystick combined with finger sleeves can be just the thing for you.

A joystick will essentially give you a better grip on your phone, turning playing PUBG Mobile into a more comfortable experience. Finger sleeves will make sure that you’ll always have that smooth touch on your screen, meaning sweaty fingers will never be an issue.

Getting used to the combination of the two can take a while if you’ve never used them before, but you won’t want to turn back once you do so.