How to complete the Sustainability Week Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

Go from grass to trash and back during this event.

Image via Niantic

A sustainable approach to life involves promoting a healthy environment for people and nature, which is something Niantic tries to do with Pokémon Go’s annual Sustainability Week event. 

Sustainability Week typically features Pokémon that have ties to nature, like Grass-types, or species that deal with human influence, like Trubbish and Grimer. This year’s event will run from April 20 to 25 and include the Pokémon Go debut of both Oranguru and Shiny Cherubi.

Oranguru ties things back into the Season of Alola, and Niantic is also running a Trip to Hawaii Sweepstakes throughout the event to celebrate this season of content too. And, to tie things into Earth Day, for every player who clocks 5km or more walked during the Stufful Community Day event on April 23, Niantic will plant a tree, up to 100,000 trees.

Players will also have new event-exclusive Research and a Collection Challenge to complete. Neither will be too hard to finish, but here is everything you need to know about completing the Sustainability Week Collection Challenge.

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Sustainability Week Collection Challenge

  • Catch a Cherubi
  • Catch a Grimer
  • Catch a Weepinbell
  • Catch a Gloom
  • Catch a Trubbish
  • Catch a Grotle

Total Rewards: 10,000 XP, Meganium encounter, and 15 Great Balls

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