Call of Duty: Mobile season 12 is called Going Dark

The season will be bringing a new map, battle royale class, two weapons, and more.

Image via Activision

Season 12 of CoD: Mobile is expected to begin on Nov. 11. Today, it was revealed that it will be called “Going Dark.”

As usual, the new season will bring a new battle pass containing new skins, soldiers, emotes, and more. The season will have a “military theme” to it. Not much has been revealed about it, although Activision has started teasing features coming in the “Going Dark.”

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Yesterday, Activision revealed that a new map from Modern Warfare called Hackney Yard will be dropping into the game. Hackney Yard is a fairly large map and has two variants in Modern Warfare. One is set in the day while the other happens at night.

Activision has also been teasing the addition of a night mode for certain maps in Call of Duty: Mobile. The name of the season and the addition of Hackney Yard has led to speculations about it finally coming to the game. Nothing has been confirmed yet, though.

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Besides this, two new weapons will also be dropping in the new season. It hasn’t been revealed yet as to what these are.

Today, a new battle royale class called “Refitter” was also confirmed to be coming with season 12 of CODM. Refitter’s passive repairs and increases the durability of the players’ armor and vehicle. The gadget that comes with this class is the Armor Pack. Using this will place armor packs that can be picked up by the player and their teammates and will reduce bullet damage.