Musketeer, Heal Spirit, and Skeleton Dragons nerfed in Clash Royale season 16

Battle Healer and Royal Ghost, on the other hand, received slight buffs.

Image via Supercell

Supercell introduced the balance changes that will shift the meta in Clash Royale season 16, Shocktober, earlier today.

Aside from these changes, not a lot of new content will join the game after the big bunch of content was added in season 15 with Clan Wars 2.0. Two upcoming cards, Electro Giant and Electro Spirit, were recently revealed, but they’ll officially be introduced to the game in the next season, which kicks off in 28 days.

The biggest nerf in the season 16 update will impact the popular Musketeer. The card’s first hit speed will be increased from 0.5 to 0.8 seconds, making it 60 percent slower. This change will also affect the Three Musketeers card.

The Skeleton Dragons’ hit speed will be lowered by 12 percent, resulting in a DPS nerf of 11 percent, too. Lastly, the Heal Spirit’s healing effect will be reduced by nine percent, from 366 HP per second to 332.

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The Battle Healer and Royal Ghost, on the other hand, will receive buffs with the addition of the Hovering effect. This may look like a slight buff, but it could open more strategies for those cards with the ability to cross the river, making them less predictable. Both cards have a low pick rate in the game, according to Clash Royale API.

Supercell also announced that it intends to display more information on card statistics in the game to make the meta clearer for all players in later patches. These balance changes will hit the live servers tomorrow, Oct. 6.