Electro Giant is the next card coming to Clash Royale

The upcoming card looks threatening.

Image via Supercell

The next card that’s set to join Clash Royale was revealed today, just a few days ahead of the start of the next season of the mobile game. Supercell posted a tweet unveiling a video teaser for Electro Giant.

Electro Giant will be the 100th card to join Clash Royale—and another card will also be added with the upcoming season, which is called Shocktober.

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The trailer brings fans back to the 1980s with the Electro Giant as a star from an old school music video. It doesn’t show much of its gameplay, however.

Electric units are generally popular in the mobile game since they have many uses thanks to their unique effect. The shock effect stuns targets for a short time, interrupting them. The effect of the Electro Giant and its elixir cost have yet to be revealed, however.

The content of the upcoming season, which will kick off on Oct. 5, is also unknown at this time. Supercell only revealed this card and the shocking theme of season 16.

Traditionally, a set of balance changes, a boosted card, limited-time game modes, and a new battle pass join Clash Royale each season. Since the last battle pass awarded a tower skin even in its free version, Supercell could follow suit in Shocktober.

More information about season 16 of Clash Royale should become available soon.