Clash Royale teases new card coming to the game with season 16

It is rumored to be called the Electro Giant.

Image via Supercell

Clash Royale’s season 15 is about to end. With the new season just days away, Supercell teased a new card coming to the game.

The card will be Clash Royale’s 100th card. It’s rumored to be called Electro Giant, although this hasn’t been confirmed yet. The tease does appear like the Giant has been given electrical powers. Supercell will reveal the card tomorrow.

One more card will also be released in season 16 of the game. In a tweet announcing the departure of Seth Allison, former game lead of Clash Royale at Supercell, the company said two new cards will be released with the ensuing season. It was also revealed that the new season will have a shocking theme to it. Electro Giant fits this description perfectly. Some improvements to the Clan Wars two are also coming.

Clash Royale’s ongoing season 15 is called “Set Sail for War” and was the first one after the Clan Wars Two was introduced to the game. This completely revamped version of Clan Wars makes clans race boats down a river while collecting rewards along the way. The game also got its first PvE mode with the Clan Wars two. In this, players can attack other clans’ boats to halt their progress down the river.

The season will end on Oct. 5. After this, season 16 of the game will begin. As usual, a new Royale Pass will also drop into the game with some new tower skins. Some balance changes are also made to the game with every season.