How to watch the Honor of Kings Challenger Cup (HCC) 2021

13 teams are competing to become the champion.

Image via Tencent

The Honor of Kings Challenger Cup (HCC) 2021 is a new tournament on the MOBA game’s roadmap and has replaced the Winter Champion Cup. The first edition of the tournament will feature a prize pool of 3.5 million Chinese Yuan (about $549,000). 

The last chance qualifier for the tournament will happen from Dec. 31 to Jan. 3. This will lead to the playoffs from Jan. 5 to 15. The competition is taking place as an offline tournament at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, China. 

Honor of Kings is the Chinese version of Arena of Valor. The game is one of the most popular games around the world despite only being available in China. Here is everything you need to know about the HCC 2021. 


Last-chance qualifier

Nine teams will compete in the LCQ for four available spots in the playoffs.

King Pro League (KPL) Fall 2021

Teams placed fourth to sixth place have made it to the event. 

  • Xianyou Gaming
  • Gank Gaming
  • TOP Esports Armor

King Growth League (KGL) Fall 2021

Teams placed second to fourth place will compete in the LCQ. 

  • HI Esports
  • Fire Esports
  • WanZhen Esports Club

Honor of Kings National Competition season four 

The top three teams of the National Championship will also be competing in the LCQ. 

  • Mad Dog Gaming
  • Ha Ha
  • Shenzhen TLG


Only four teams have directly qualified for the playoffs. This includes the top three teams of the KPL and the winner of the KGL. 


  • eStar Pro
  • Talent Gaming
  • Wolves


  • Joy Xman Gaming


LCQ (Dec. 31 to Jan. 3)

  • The LCQ will feature a single-round robin. All matches will be the best-of-one. 
  • The top four teams will advance to the playoffs. 

Playoffs (Jan. 5 to 12)

  • It will have a single-elimination bracket. 
  • The matches will be the best-of-seven games. 


Fans can tune into the competition on YouTube.