How to use voice chat in Free Fire

Can anybody hear me?

Image via Garena

While skill matters when it comes to determining a squad’s success, you’ll also need to have communication to ensure that everyone’s in sync.

There are a handful of voice commands you can use to communicate with your teammates alongside a chat box in Free Fire, but none of them come close to using the voice chat function in terms of utility. Both the chat method and voice commands will require you to shift your focus from your crosshair and click extra buttons, which can get you killed in a matter of seconds.

When you’re out in the field, there’ll be no room for distractions since you’ll need to focus on securing as many angles as possible to walk toward the victory. In most cases, Free Fire will be able to detect the microphone of your phone and tablet, meaning you won’t have to do anything extra to register your recording device.

Players will usually need to turn on voice chat manually, however, since keeping it on by default could end up being awkward for first-timers.

Here’s how you can use voice chat in Free Fire.

How to use voice chat in the lobby on Free Fire

When you invite players to your squad, you’ll be able to communicate with them right off the bat in the lobby.

Once other players join the lobby, a headset and a microphone button should appear on the top right corner of your screen. The microphone button will usually have a line over it, indicating your microphone is disabled.

Clicking on the microphone button will turn on your microphone, and you’ll be able to speak to your squadmates. Free Fire will automatically detect your voice, meaning you won’t have to do anything extra.

How to use voice chat in a match on Free Fire?

If you don’t turn on your microphone in the lobby, you’ll have the option to do so once you load into a match. After you spawn, there will be a microphone and a headset icon next to your minimap.

Your microphone will be disabled if there’s a line over its icon and you’ll need to tap on it to activate your microphone. Once your microphone is activated, you’ll instantly be able to communicate with your team.

In cases where you’re using a headset, Free Fire will automatically try to use your headphone’s microphone, but it can also revert back to using the native microphone if there are any hardware issues.

How to adjust your audio and voice chat settings in Free Fire?

The default settings may be fine when you’re first dipping your toes into squad matches, but over time, you’ll come across your share of loud players. In worst cases, you may also be that loud player, requiring you to lower the gain levels of your microphone.

To adjust volume of your microphone or speaker, you’ll need to:

  • Launch Free Fire and open the Settings panel.
  • Once you’re inside, look for the sound tab and tap on it to enter.
  • On this tab, you’ll find various sound settings ranging from music to sound effects.
  • Adjust your microphone or speaker volume by dragging the sliders.

As a common courtesy, most players prefer muting their microphones by tapping on the microphone icon if they aren’t actively talking. The background noise can be pretty distracting during intense moments and it’s usually advised to keep your microphone off if it doesn’t do a decent job of sound isolation.

Though turning on your microphone manually every time you’d like to talk looks like a hassle, it’ll be in your team’s best interest.