How to level up fast in Garena Free Fire

Some features are locked at a certain level. Here's how to unlock them fast.

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It can be frustrating to see some features locked when you begin playing Free Fire. You have to reach level eight to unlock ranked games and you can unlock four free characters by spending some coins: Andrew at level three, Maxim at level six, Paloma at level 10, and Kelly at level 15. Leveling up also offers coins and other rewards.

Characters are an important part of the game because rather than being simple cosmetics, they offer in-game advantages, such as protection, more damage, and more healing. They can cost from 2,000 to 8,000 coins and some can only be bought with diamonds.

The most interesting way to gain more experience in Free Fire is to use the 20-percent boost offered for playing ranked games in matchmaking. It’s only available in this game mode and adds up to the rewards given for climbing ranks.

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Bronze tier is easy to climb by landing far from the plane and playing safe until the late game. Contrary to other battle royale games, in Free Fire, it’s easier to earn points by surviving longer rather than getting kills and playing aggressive from the start.

The best way to level up fast from level nine is to play ranked modes without friends and play safe.

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If you just started playing the game and haven’t unlocked ranked mode yet, the fastest way to earn experience is to play classic modes and survive as long as possible.

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Outside of the matchmade ranked games’ experience bonus, there isn’t a highly efficient way to level up faster in the game. But in Free Fire, completing missions and earning battle pass points is more rewarding than leveling up. You should focus on looking at the active missions before launching a game.

Missions can be found by tapping on the map icon on the right of the screen. You’ll see three tabs: Missions, showing daily, elite, and veteran missions, Daily, and Activity Missions. The last tab is the one to look at closely. Players can earn daily and weekly rewards for completing a certain number of missions.

Special missions can also be discovered by tapping on the medal icon at the bottom of the screen for players who returned to the game after a while without playing.