Here are Brawl Stars’ season 4 patch notes, introducing Lou and map competitions

A new battle pass will feature Christmas-themed skins and the brawler Lou.

Image via Supercell

The snowy winds of winter will soon land in Brawl Stars with the update preparing the field for season four, which will start in 12 days and will be called Holiday Getaway.

The season is bringing the latest brawler Lou, a snow cone machine that can freeze enemies and transform an area into a skating rink, and will be focused on map creators.

Map making will be brought to another level with more options added and creators will be able to submit their custom maps upon the community’s approval. The most popular maps will win a contest and may be permanently added to the game, but all the details have yet to be revealed.

Here are the complete patch notes introducing season four in Brawl Stars.

New Brawler – Lou

Lou is a jolly snow cone machine who’s always cheerful. He’s so overly positive it annoys the heck out of Mr. P.

  • Main Attack – Fires snow cones that apply Frost. When the target has accumulated enough Frost it will be stunned for one second.
  • Super Ability – Throws a snow cone syrup that creates a slippery surface area on the ground.
  • Gadget – Lou freezes himself becoming invulnerable and unable to perform any actions for one second.
  • Star Power – The Super area applies Frost to enemies.

New skins and character VFX/SFX

  • King Lou (Brawl Pass, Tier 70)
  • Bellhop Mike (Brawl Pass, Tier one)
  • Sally Nani (LINE FRIENDS) | 150 Gems – Late November
  • Choco Piper (LINE FRIENDS) | 80 Gems – December
  • Cony Max (LINE FRIENDS) | 150 Gems – December

Other skin and character improvements

  • 8-BIT facial animations upgrade
  • True Silver/Gold skin VFX improvements
    • They now have a BLING effect

Brawl Pass

  • Brawl Pass season four: “Holiday Getaway”
  • Brawl Pass exclusive Brawlers are only available from boxes after reaching tier 30 in the Brawl Pass
  • Getting a Chromatic Brawler from a Brawl Box now decreases your drop rate chances like any other Epic Brawler
  • Season one rewards will be auto-collected when season four starts.

Game modes/event rotation changes

  • New event Tokens per game mode slot reduced from 10 to five
  • Added 30 new Tokens to be gained from voting player-made maps in the Test Slot (10 Tokens per vote up to three times per day)
  • Mr. P’s Snowtel Environment
  • Two new slots for Map Maker maps which unlock at 1000 Total Trophies
    • Competition Entry Slot
      • This slot rotates the maps made and published by players and allows the players to give either up or downvotes after playing the maps through matchmaking.
      • Each day will feature a different game mode
      • There’ll be a new map available in this slot every 10 seconds.
      • Players receive a Token reward for voting but no Trophies can be gained from playing in this slot.
    • Competition Winner Slot
      • This slot features the “winner” map from the previous day that had received the highest amount of upvotes during the testing.
      • Players receive normal Token and Trophy rewards from playing this slot.
  • Improvements for several Hot Zone maps

Map maker – BETA

The maps you make can now be published so everyone can play!

  • There are four different stages for your maps: Draft → Submitted → Greenlit → Published
    • In Draft state the player can keep editing the map as much as they want
    • After the player is happy with the map they need to “Submit” the map for approval and the map creator needs to invite players into a friendly game room. The players in the room will receive a pop-up for map approval at the end of the game. Map needs to get over 50% approval (out of 10 votes) in order to be eligible for publishing it. If the player decides to edit the map after it’s submitted it will return into Draft state and requires new approval through voting in the friendly room.
    • After the player publishes a map, it goes to a pool of potential maps to be featured each day in the Test Slot. Editing is no longer possible.

Brawler balance

  • Amber
    • Movement speed reduced from Very Fast to Normal
    • Main Attack damage per second reduced from 2,400 to 2,000


  • Summonable pets like Nita’s Bear now follow their owner if no enemies are alive on the map.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed missing Trixie Colette Main Attack SFX.
  • Fixed missing Friendly/Enemy Amber Main Attack SFX.
  • Fixed missing Amber fire fluid while Spectating or watching Brawl TV.
  • Fixed incorrect Boss Fight game mode banner that displayed the location banner instead of the correct game mode banner.