Free Fire’s new character Clu is now available in event

Top Up event will be open until July 14.

Image via Garena

Free Fire’s new character Clu was announced back in May, but was not added to the battle royale until today. Also known as Evelyn on Brazilian servers, the private detective has the ability to locate enemies.

The Top Up event that gives players the chance to have Clu is available from July 9 to 14. With 500 diamonds, the player will secure the character, and with 1000 diamonds, the reward is Clu’s Detective Bundle with her outfit and a unique animation on the spawn island. 

Clu was supposed to be dropped with the OB22 update, but instead, she was released on the Advanced Server. Her active ability “Tracing Steps” locates enemy positions who aren’t squatting or laying down within 30 meters. The ability lasts for five seconds in level one. At each level, half a second will be added to the time and five meters will be added to the distance of the ability. At level four, Clu is also able to share her active ability with her teammates. 

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The new character’s ability resembles Moco’s “Hacker’s Eye,” but the biggest difference is that Clu will show enemy location without the need to hit them. 

Clu has been added to Garena’s battle royale 20 days before the expected release of the next update. The OB23 update should be available by the end of July, but not much information has been released by Garena.