Free Fire drops La Casa de Papel collab, Plan Bermuda, and new mode

A partnership with Netflix comes with a calendar of events and prizes.

Screengrab via Free Fire - Brasil

Free Fire’s collaboration with Netflix series La Casa de Papel officially dropped on Sept. 6 after being teased in late July. The collab brings the expected Plan Bermuda, a new mode, and prizes to players.

The event is giving out free Diamond Royale vouchers, Plan Bermuda’s P90 skin, Shinobi and Kunoichi skin sets, and a test to find out which La Casa de Papel character you are. The crossover will be live until Sept. 22 with a calendar full of different events.

Screengrab via Garena

From Sept. 6 to 15, players must complete missions to get rewards such as a Money Printer, play cards, pet food, and gold coins. The Bounty Token play card can be exchanged for a Kitty Heist pet skin and a Plan Bermuda Parachute later on. 

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By opening the vault door in the Plan Bermuda event section on Free Fire until Sept. 22 and watching the interactive videos, players can claim a Diamond Royale voucher. The Money Printing event starts on Sept. 13 and will give out exclusive rewards. To print money faster, players will have to complete missions, ask for a friend’s help, and add tokens found in the game in the money printers.

Players who log in on Sept. 20 will be able to claim a free perm gun skin. A Panda in a Jumpsuit pet skin and more Diamond Royale vouchers will also be available. 

The new La Casa de Papel mode will go live on Sept. 20 and will remain available until the end of the crossover. Players will be divided into two teams of four and will have to race to print the proposed amount of money. The squads will have to activate money printers located around the map and defend their area from enemies. The winning team is the one that collects the most money or reaches the proposed amount first.