Clash Royale season 29 kicks off with Champions

Along with a new level cap, and even more rewards.

Screengrab via Supercell

Clash Royale fans are in for a treat with one of this year’s biggest updates going live earlier today.

Season 29 has started and will last over a month, featuring a new level cap, new highest rarity Champion cards, Star Points rework, and other changes. Players will be able to upgrade their cards and level more easily due to a reduction cost of their upgrades, as well as more XP rewards for playing and participating in events.

The season 29, called Season of Champions, brought three new champion cards and a new chest rarity called Wild Chest that always gives at least one champion card.

The Pass Royale’s free version includes one Wild Chest as a reward upon reaching tier 30. Pass Royale owners, on the other hand, can earn a Skeleton King tower skin, Champion emotes, magic items, and numerous other rewards.

Players will have 34 days to complete their battle pass and to enjoy this season’s content. The Champion cards can be seen in the cards tab, showing their abilities, stats, and descriptions. Players must reach level 14, the new cap added in the update, to unlock those cards and the latest arena.

The events tab includes two special challenges and two champion’s challenges, giving ways for the players to get used to the new cards while offering various rewards. You’lll have to hurry, however, since they only last one day and will end tomorrow at 4am CT.