New champion rarity, upgrade cost reduction, and more revealed for Clash Royale

The player's progression will drastically change.

Screengrab via Supercell

Supercell revealed more information about new content and updates to be introduced in Clash Royale last night in the latest TV Royale YouTube video. And there is a lot to look forward to.

The focus of the next big changes to come was put on “player’s progression,” according to the developer. Level 14 will be added on the ladder with a new card to unlock, but also more rewards and significant changes on rewards gain, card upgrades, and more.

While a new level will be added to the game, Supercell reduced the amount of experience needed to upgrade the King’s level from 10 to 13. A tab called King’s journey will also display the rewards the players can look forward to when reaching higher levels. Players who have been stuck on level 13 for a while will receive an XP boost to compensate for the time played without receiving any XP.

A new rarity will also be added for players who’ll reach level 14: champions. Each will have a special ability. The Archer Queen is a sneaky ranged card that can turn invisible. The Golden Knight is a tanky unit who can rush an enemy, and the Skeleton King can destroy entire troops and summon his own troop of skeletons. Using those unique abilities will cost Elixir points, so it’ll be a decision not to take lightly. The decks will be limited to only one champion included and deployed.

Screengrab via Supercell

It’ll likely take many resources to upgrade those champion cards but to help the players to earn and upgrade them, a new category of chest will be added, the Wild Chest, with one champion card guaranteed inside. In the upcoming season’s Royale Pass, the players will earn one upon reaching the free version’s level 30.

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The other main change that was announced is the reduction of card upgrade’s costs in terms of gold and number of copies required. Depending on the rarity level, the cards will cost 30 percent to half less gold to upgrade. The change will be welcomed by the community; since the magic items’ introduction into the game, it has become even harder to progress in deck upgrade.

The Star Points will also become different than XP points starting level six. To see how many Star Points you have instead of XP, you’ll simply have to tap the gauge. In addition, the players will get Legendary cards more frequently starting level 10.

Other quality-of-life changes include an upgraded system of deck adjusting; a rework of the tournament cap, allowing to the players to have all cards at level 11; and various fixes.

Those significant changes and new features will release alongside the upcoming season on Nov. 1, following a short maintenance after season 28’s end.