Clash of Clans’ summer update brings three new troops, new levels, sceneries, and more

New "friendly armies" have also come to the game.

Image via Supercell

Clash of Clans’ summer update dropped earlier today, bringing with it a new troop and two super troops. Additionally, a lot of new upgrade levels were added to buildings, towers, traps, troops, spells, and heroes.

The Headhunter is the latest Dark Elixir troop to debut into the popular mobile game. She’s a ground troop and throws “deadly cards” as a ranged attack. Headhunters can also hop over walls and targets heroes, dealing extra damage to them. Headhunter also has a “toxic miasma” around her that makes her deal poison spell damage and effects whenever she attacks.

Inferno Dragon and Super Witch are the new super troops that have dropped in this update. The Inferno Dragon is exactly similar to the one in Supercell’s other title: Clash Royale.

The Super Witch spawns “Big Boys” from beyond the grave when she is deployed. These big boys are large skeletons that attack enemy structures.

The Inferno Dragon fires a “focused inferno beam” dealing damage over time. Being a dragon, it is airborne. What makes this troop even more powerful is that the inferno beam’s damage increases over time.

Last week, Supercell revealed that new levels are being added to several troops, defenses, spells, and more. Among the heroes, Barbarian Knights and the Archer Queen have gotten new levels. The Clone and Lightning spells can also be upgraded further in levels.

The Lightning spell was reworked as well. The spell now stuns enemy targets for a short duration, resetting their attacks. The complete table of new levels can be read here.

A lot of other changes have also been made to the game in this major update.

  • Sceneries: New sceneries are being added which can be accessed by clicking on the Town Hall and selecting the “Scenery” button.
  • Custom friendly challenge armies: From now on, playing friendly challenges or troops will happen with a “friendly army.” This friendly army doesn’t cost any resources or time to train. It can be configured before an attack.
  • Improved Town Hall experience: Specific time-limited boosts and benefits will now be activated whenever the Town Hall is upgraded.