Clash of Clans’ summer update is bringing new levels to defenses, heroes, and spells

The Lightning spell has been reworked as well.

Image via Supercell

Supercell is adding new levels to several defenses, troops, siege machines, spells, and heroes in Clash of Clans. This is a part of the upcoming summer update for the popular mobile game. 

Improvements and balance changes for the summer update will be revealed tomorrow.

Here are the complete details of these new levels.


DefenseLevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeDPSHP
Canon1916M gold16 days1462,000
Wizard Tower1317.2M gold17 days842,700

Traps and wall

  • One more additional Spring Trap will be available at Town Hall 13.
  • Players will be able to update 50 additional Wall segments to level 14.

Troops and Siege Machines

TroopLevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeDPSHPTraining timeTraining cost
Archer9 (Town Hall 12)11.5M Elixir12 days31566 seconds700 elixir
Baby Dragon715M Elixir15 days and 12 hours1351,8001 minutes and 30 seconds11K Elixir
Golem10270K Dark Elixir16 days80/8008,0005 minutes800 Dark Elixir
Lava Hound6270K Dark Elixir16 days20/3508,0005 minutes750 Dark Elixir
Wall Wrecker414M Elixir16 days4006,50020 minutes100K gold
Battle Blimp414M Elixir16 days330/1,4004,50020 minutes100K Gold
Stone Slammer414M Elixir16 days700/5006,50020 minutes100K gold


SpellLevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeEffect/DamageTraining Cost
Lightning8 (Town Hall 11)8M Elixir11 days480 damage14K Elixir
Lightning9 (Town Hall 12)10M Elixir13 days560 damage15K Elixir
Clone614M Elixir15 days33 capacity35.5K Elixir

The Lightning spell has also been reworked. It will now require just one housing space and will deal reliable damage in a small radius. It will also stun its targets for a short duration, causing them to reset their attacks.


Barbarian Knight

LevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeDPSHPRegeneration TimeAbility Level
71292K Dark Elixir8 days5109,50038 minutes14
72294K Dark Elixir8 days5209,70038 minutes14
73296K Dark Elixir8 days5309,90038 minutes14
74298K Dark Elixir8 days54010,10038 minutes14
75300K Dark Elixir8 days55010,30040 minutes15

Level 15 ability

Damage IncreaseHealth RecoverySpeed IncreaseSummoned UnitsDuration
9224,300323410 seconds

Archer Queen

LevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeDPSHPRegeneration timeAbility level
71292K Dark Elixir8 days7893,23038 minutes14
72294K Dark Elixir8 days7963,27038 minutes14
73296K Dark Elixir8 days8023,31038 minutes14
74298K Dark Elixir8 days8083,35038 minutes14
75300K Dark Elixir8 days8143,39040 minutes14

Level 15 ability

Damage increaseHealth recoveryAbility durationSummoned units
1,4305006.4 seconds19