Brawl Stars’ balance changes are nerfing Bo, Edgar, Jessie, Bea, and Byron

These Brawlers are finally getting nerfed.

Image via Supercell

With Brawl Stars’ season five, Starr Force, now in full swing, Supercell has introduced some balance changes and bug fixes to the game.

In the title’s latest balance update, Bo, Edgar, Jessia, Bea, and Byron will be affected. All of these Brawlers have been nerfed since players have been complaining about them being overpowered.

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Here are the complete balance changes and bug fixes coming to Brawl Stars.

Balance changes


  • Super Totem’s effect gets weaker the more it charges a player’s super.
  • The first Super charge is charged at full speed. The ones afterward charge one percent less per second until the Totem reaches a 50 percent reduced charging rate.
  • This effect is tracked individually per player.


  • Decreased Super charge rate from Main Attack from 10 to 12 hits.


  • Decreased Main Attack damage from 1,120 to 1,060.


  • Rattled Hive Bee count increased from three to four.
  • Rattled Hive Bees now stop at the first target hit.
  • Rattled Hive Bee maximum damage decreased from 800 to 600.
  • Rattled Hive Bee fly pattern changed slightly to move slower and cover less area.


  • Decreased Health from 2,500 to 2,400.
  • Decreased Main Attack damage from 400 to 380.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with player-made map reporting that caused some maps to get banned unintentionally.
  • Fixed Brawl Ball behavior issues related to Sprout’s Super.
  • Fixed Showdown boxes being knocked back by Sprout’s Super.
  • Fixed Ruffs’ Pins unlocking incorrectly from Pin Packages.
  • Added Colette and Lou Pins to Pin Packs.