New World server transfers paused after some players encounter ‘invalid’ character state

This problem was being used to exploit the game and acquire max gold.

Image via Amazon Games

Server transfers went live in New World yesterday after players waited eagerly for weeks for the option to roll out so they could move to their desired server. But the service has been placed on a temporary hold after issues preventing players from saving their progress surfaced.

A small number of players using the server transfer system have had their characters end up in an invalid state that causes issues in saving progress, according to a blog post by New World community manager Luxendra.

Initially Amazon chose to prevent some players with this status from logging into their characters. But because the problem seemingly became more widespread, the developer opted to pause the server transfer service entirely.

While players were in an invalid state, some were using it as an exploit to gain unlimited gold. If they had transferred weapons or gold, their transactions were logged with the New World team, and if any players are found to be taking advantage of the bugged state for exploiting, bans will be handed out accordingly.

Amazon promised fans the server transfer system after massive server queues forced players to choose alternative servers just to experience the game soon after its launch. The developer said that players would eventually be able to move from their temporary home to a server of their choice.

Currently, there is no timeframe for when Amazon will be rolling the server transfer service back out to the players. The developer said when the service was live more than 150,000 players were moved to their desired server.

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