When does MCC Island go public?

When will you finally get to visit the Island?

Image via Noxcrew

Since the MC Championships (MCC) began in 2019, fans of the Minecraft event have been waiting for the opportunity to play the games they love to watch their favorite creators play on a monthly basis themselves.

It was revealed in May 2021 that fans would get to embark on their own MCC journey with a Minecraft server that Noxcrew, the team behind MCC, had been developing.

Noxcrew’s Minecraft server MCC Island has been in the works since 2020 and the server is now finally being played by fans from all around the world and practiced on by those who regularly compete in the event. The closed beta period for MCC Island launched on Aug. 20, the very same day that MCC 24 occurred, and MCC Island has gone through quite a few updates since.

Image via Noxcrew

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MCC Island updates have included smaller features like currency changes and bug fixes and more massive ones like the additions of several new maps across all four of the MCC Island mini-games. The Minecraft server currently has four of the signature games that regularly appear in the MCC tournament.

The four games players may currently play on MCC Island are To Get to the Other Side (TGTTOS), Battle Box, Sky Battle, and Hole in the Wall. More MCC games, including fan favorites like Sands of Time and Ace Race, are set to be added to the Minecraft server in the future.

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Because MCC Island launched in a closed beta state, only those lucky enough to have received an invite or quick enough to have purchased one of the limited passes from the MCC Island store have been able to play thus far. Those who have been eagerly waiting and have not been able to gain access yet are likely wondering when they will be able to do so.

When will MCC Island be released?

As of September 2022, Noxcrew has not provided a date or specific timeframe for when the Minecraft server will be public. They had previously stated that MCC Island would launch in 2022, but whether this was in regards to the closed beta version of the server or the official public launch is unknown.

Considering what Noxcrew has shared thus far on the MCC Island blog, it is likely that MCC Island will remain in a closed beta state for quite a while until the team has decided that everything is finalized.

Noxcrew has continuously sent out waves of new invites for the MCC Island closed beta and also added more passes to the store occasionally.

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Those hoping to gain access should thus keep an eye out as they still have a fairly good chance of getting in during the closed beta period.

For now, those who have been lucky enough to gain admission to the server should be prepared for many progression wipes and changes as Noxcrew will continuously adjust just about everything several times while they are in a closed beta state.

Anyone who has already played on the server is probably familiar with this as the recent MCC Island 0.2.1 patch drastically shifted the entire economy. Noxcrew has said players can expect this kind of change to occur often because now is when they have the “opportunity to change things drastically.”

There will also be massive overall progression wipes for those who are playing on the Minecraft server during its closed beta state. This means players should not get attached to anything they earn or achieve in MCC Island until the closed beta period has come to an end.

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“Once we’re happy with everything, we’ll go ahead and release into open beta, from there onwards there won’t be anymore wipes,” Noxite, who is the founder and CEO of Noxcrew, said in regards to how the process of progression wipes during the MCC Island closed beta will occur.

As of September 2022, the Minecraft server is only on version 0.3.0 which means it will likely be a while before it even reaches the open beta release.

All of this information combined means fans can expect MCC Island to remain in a beta state until the team decides everything is polished and ready to be moved forward.