Best Minecraft Sword Enchantments

The pen probably isn’t mightier than this sword.

Screengrab via Mojang

There are many different weapons and tools at your disposal in Minecraft so knowing the best enchantments for each item can be confusing. Swords have the option for some of the best enchantments in the game, with higher-level enchantments granting better results.

Opening an enchantment table and seeing all the different kinds of enchantments that appear every time you enchant something new can make it hard to know what exactly you should be looking for. If you are aiming for the most versatile and powerful sword possible, here is a list of the best sword enchantments to improve your gameplay in Minecraft.

Mending (I)

Enchanting items takes a lot of work and hard-earned levels, so save yourself the hassle of constantly having to create new weapons by applying Mending to your sword. This enchantment will replenish your sword’s durability any time you hit something that drops experience. This includes almost all mobs in the game. Hostile mobs, which you will likely be using your sword against more often, drop more experience and mend your sword more quickly.

Unbreaking (I-III)

If you are putting effort into enchanting something, you want to make sure you enchant it with Unbreaking to increase its durability. Unbreaking helps reduce durability depletion with a chance to not wear it down on every use, depending on the level of Unbreaking.

Sharpness (I-V)

Increases your melee damage output. This enchantment makes your sword more powerful against mobs. The exact amount of damage increase is dependent on the level of Sharpness you enchant it to, so try to enchant to a higher level of Sharpness for the best results.

Looting (I-III)

This enchantment increases both the quantity and quality of mob drops. Enemies will drop more items and the chance of getting rare items is higher when they are hit with a Looting sword. When hitting passive animal mobs, such as sheep or pigs, Looting yields more food per drop and is useful for farming lots of food rapidly. Looting is also handy for quickly gathering mob drops from dangerous enemies that can be more difficult to face, such as Blaze Rods from Blazes.

Fire Aspect (I-II)

This is one of the best enchantments in Minecraft because it allows you to set any target of your choice on fire. Mobs take repeated fire damage from this enchantment. Mobs that drop food, such as cows or sheep, will drop fully cooked products and save you the hassle of cooking up raw food in a smoker or furnace. Against hostile mobs, Fire Aspect makes battles easier and quicker by dealing consistent damage after one hit.

Knockback (I-II)

Increases the knockback performance of the sword that receives this enchantment. This is especially useful for mobs like Zombies or Creepers since you can knock them further away to keep yourself safe from their direct hits or explosions.

Sweeping Edge (I-III)

This enchantment increases sweep attack damage towards mobs. It makes hitting multiple mobs easier and more efficient while also knocking them back slightly. This enchantment is only available for Java Edition but is planned to be added to Bedrock Edition in the future.