You can get a free Legends of Runeterra champion with Twitch Prime loot

Start crafting with three free wildcards.

Open Beta Legends of Runeterra Riot Games
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra players can earn three free wildcards via Twitch Prime loot, Riot Games announced today.

Riot has officially started gearing up for the official release of LoR with a free champion, epic, and rare wildcard through Twitch Prime. 

Here’s how players can receive the three free LoR wildcards. 

  • Step one: Link accounts and log into the LoR launcher.
  • Step two: Go to the LoR store tab and click on cards. There should be one champion, epic, and rare wildcard added. 
  • Step three: To utilize the Expedition token, go to the Play tab and click Expeditions. When players click on Embark, choose the expedition token. 

Not all players will have access to the Twitch Prime LoR loot, though. Those who are playing on Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore/Malaysia, Taiwan, and all servers in China can’t earn the free wildcards. 

The official launch date for LoR hasn’t been released yet, but it’s set to take place sometime in 2020. With the release, the new digital card game from Riot will also launch worldwide on mobile. A test run for the mobile platform is now underway in Singapore. 

Riot also recently announced an improvement to the existing LoR open beta monetization and progression system. With the changes, new players can purchase an unlimited amount of wildcards or quickly catch up with open beta players via XP and region rewards.