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Jinx and Vi come to blows in Arcane League of Legends show first look.
Image via Netflix Studios

Everything you might have missed in Arcane’s new season 2 trailer

Plenty of room to speculate.

Whether you’re a die-hard League of Legends fan, a Netflix connoisseur, or a general supporter of good television shows, you should be ecstatic to know that Riot Games’ hit series Arcane finally has a teaser trailer for its second season.

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Although there was only a minute and a half of content, there were plenty of hints and shocking revelations that were exposed in the brief scenes and quotes that were shown in the video. There are plenty of storylines to follow, from the aftermath of Jinx’s attack on Piltover’s council, revenge tours for popular figures in the show, and long-awaited introductions (or re-introductions) for some memorable characters from League and Arcane.

Here are all of the things you might have missed in Arcane’s season two trailer.

Caution: Spoilers ahead.

All details in Arcane‘s season two trailer

No time skip

It looks like we won’t be getting a large time skip between the ending of Arcane season one and the start of season two since there are scenes with Vi overlooking the destruction of Jinx’s attack on the council. Instead, we’ll be getting the immediate—and explosive—consequences that will set the stage for an all-out war between Zaun and Piltover.

Ambessa Medarda is ready for war

Ambessa Medarda in Arcane season 2
Battle ready. Screenshot by Dot Esports

It’s unknown whether Ambessa Medarda’s daughter Mel was killed during Jinx’s rocket launcher attack against the council, but one thing is certain: the brutal Noxian is ready for a war where “wrath must be met with wrath.” She can be seen placing a golden mask over her face as Noxian soldiers salute, which could be hinting at the intervention of Noxus in the upcoming fight.

Caitlyn finally has her Hextech rifle…

Caitlyn in Arcane season 2
Ready for revenge. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Caitlyn is on a warpath after the council is attacked, and based on the way she’s seemingly starving for justice, it’s clear that she’s lost someone near and dear to her heart—her mother. She can be seen loading up her new Hextech rifle as Ambessa says “you will have justice.” She’s also leading a strike team into Zaun with three simple goals: Find Jinx, destroy all Shimmer, and take down any remaining Zaunites who are still loyal to Silco.

… and the Piltover Peacekeepers hired a brawler

Vi in Arcane season 2
At all costs. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Speaking of which, we finally have our first glance at Vi as a newly minted Piltover Peacekeeper, dressed to the nines in her uniform while armed with her trusty Hextech Gauntlets. She can be heard saying that “her sister is gone,” meaning she’s committed to finding Jinx and bringing her to justice—although those sentiments could easily change as the show moves forward.

A beloved character returns… kinda

Warwick's claws in Arcane season 2
The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun has taken his first steps. Screenshot by Dot Esports

One of the most exciting reveals of the trailer is a pair of scenes, including the reappearance of Singed as he’s surrounded by Piltover Enforcers. In League lore, Singed is the mad scientist who creates another monster-type champion named Warwick, and after recent hints and teasers from Riot, we can easily infer that the monster seen in the trailer is Warwick. There are also multiple rumors and hints suggesting that Warwick is actually Vander, the adoptive father of Jinx and Vi who seemingly sacrificed his life for them when they were younger.

Jinx is leading a revolution

Jinx mural in Arcane season 2
Welcome to the revolution. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Jinx seems to be leading a new revolution in Zaun. There’s a quick scene where the Loose Cannon is painted in a mural where she’s holding a blue flag in a similar manner to when she was holding the flare for her sister in the first season. Behind her, multiple other people can be seen supporting and following her with the same blue hair, suggesting she’s amassed some followers after her recent actions against Piltover.

Other small details

  • Sevika can be seen using Jinx’s Sheriff skin from VALORANT. She’s also using Flame Chompers on her metal arm as a weapon.
  • In her new outfit, Vi can be seen wearing Claggor’s goggles from when they were younger.
  • The top hat chembaron from season one has made a return, but he is looking much more feral than ever before as Jinx sics him on Sevika.
  • For a split second at 55-56 seconds, viewers can see a top-down shot of several people standing around as a bright light and explosion goes off. One of the figures looks an awful lot like Viktor, who’s sporting a metal arm and a cane to walk around with.
  • Janna makes her first appearance in Arcane but as an image painted on the wall in the final scenes of the trailer with Jinx and Vi facing off against each other.
  • In the same scene, viewers can spot multiple hastily painted murals, including pictures of Jinx and Vi, Vander, and other traumatic moments across Powder’s life.

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