How to earn keys in League of Legends

It's time to unlock free loot.

Image via Riot Games

Everybody loves free loot and League of Legends fans are no exception. There’s nothing better than earning the chance to unlock new skins for your favorite champions just by winning matches, but League’s reward system is more than just a two-part system.

Players can earn Hextech Chests throughout the season to unlock free skins, wards, and summoner icons. Chests are available for purchase from the client store but can also be earned by receiving an S grade on a champion once per season. Players can earn multiple chests in a season by demonstrating their mastery with each of League’s playable characters.

Chests can be opened from the Hextech Crafting tab. But before opening a chest, players must first obtain a key. Keys can always be purchased from the client store, but those looking to save a few extra bucks can craft their own by combining three key fragments in the Hextech Crafting tab.

Players can earn key fragments in a number of ways, but the easiest method is by simply winning games on Summoner’s Rift. Those who queue up with their friends in pre-made groups have a slightly higher chance of receiving a key fragment in the post-game lobby.

Additionally, key fragment drop rates are linked to honor scores, so players with higher honor levels are more likely to receive fragments after a victory. Each time a player reaches an honor checkpoint, they’ll either get an Honor Capsule or an Honor Orb. These honor rewards can be opened from the crafting tab and often carry multiple key fragments.

Key fragments are capped at 12 in a four-week period, which means League fans will only be able to craft four keys before the counter resets each month. But those who are still in need of additional key fragments can purchase more during events with event tokens.

At this time, League fans can purchase key fragments for 20 PROJECT tokens until the currency expires on Sept. 19.