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How to sell scrap and items in Lethal Company

Cosmic levels of profit.

Lethal Company’s core gameplay loop is straightforward, mainly revolving around collecting scrap from its various maps and selling them at the ominous terminal of the Company for profits.

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Not meeting quotas can result in you losing progress, so we’ve created a guide on how to sell scrap and items in Lethal Company to help you maximize your gains.

How to sell scrap items to make money in Lethal Company

The one and only way of selling your stuff in Lethal Company is by paying a visit to the Company. The Company buys items at:

  • 30 percent of their value on Day One
  • 77 percent on Day Two
  • 100 percent on Day Three.

Timing your sales is crucial to your playstyle and can change depending on the map and the amount of loot you’ve gathered.

Tip: Get the best bang out of your buck!

Try to visit the Company on the very last day so that they buy everything you have gained at 100%! Don’t let your hard work go to waste!

To sell your items in Lethal Company, you’ll have to do the following:

  1. Go to the Terminal in the ship.
  2. Type in “moons.”
  3. Then, type “the company.”
  4. Finally, type “confirm” in the Terminal.
  5. After doing so, go left of the Terminal and start the ship.
  6. When you arrive, you’ll be met with a massive building. Go to the shop counter.
  7. Deposit all of your items at the counter.
  8. When everything is set for sale, ring the bell on the counter.
  9. Let the creature hook everything in.

You should get your paycheck a few seconds after the items are sold.

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Beware that the creature within the counter can sometimes spawn massive tentacles and take one of your crew members alongside the sold items due to loud noises or over-ringing the bell!

Whatever eldritch horror lurks inside certainly has a way of showing its dissatisfaction with your performance. Not to mention the Company’s disciplinary process if the quota is unmet.

Tip: Need an extra $5?

If you are missing an extra $5, sacrificing a crew member for the Company will get you there. Just hit them with a shovel until they are knocked out and place their body on the deposit counter with the rest of your items. Anything for the Company right?

Tips for looting in Lethal Company

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You might be wondering when to sell items in Lethal Company or how to get the most loot. This largely depends on your playstyle and how much loot you’ve acquired during any particular day.

1) Explore as many rooms as possible

All the facilities and buildings in Lethal Company have a chance of containing loot. The more of the buildings you explore, the more loot you will find. Rooms can lead to dead ends and be more than empty, which shouldn’t discourage you from delving deeper.

Keep going so long as there are no active threats in the area, as dying can lead to fines, which can hurt your bank account significantly.

Depending on the moon you’re playing, monsters also vary. Not all monsters can spawn on every moon, and the later moons like Dine and Rend are challenging and dangerous but also contain a lot more rewards. We recommend you give those moons the most attention, especially when your quota rises to high prices.

2) Distribute loot among all players

Carrying all the loot yourself will encumber you significantly, which drains stamina and slows you down. Redistribute the weight by sharing loot with other party members, and don’t leave before all of your loot slots are filled. Only take a premature leave if it’s too dangerous to continue exploring and gathering more scrap and items.


While it will make you significantly heavier, you can fill up each of your inventory slots with scrap and carry a large piece of scrap that requires two hands to lift. You’ll not be in any condition to outrun possible threats, but you can always drop the large scrap and try to come back for it later.

3) Avoid looting on stormy and flooded moons

When choosing a moon, the Terminal will show you the weather conditions. Avoid looting when a moon has stormy or flooded weather, as the flood can rise and spread significantly, especially on the outside parts of the map, even though you might be exploring interior areas.

You can be met with an oceanic flood once you leave a facility, which can, in turn, lead to drowning and your whole crew wiping out. Wipeouts cause you to lose all progress gathered, so if you really want to explore during these conditions, make sure you have met the quota first by selling items on Day One or Two.

4) Have a person-in-the-chair

If you are playing with two or more people, have one of your crew members stay back on the ship. They should be able to log into the terminal and watch you and your friend’s adventuring live. This will allow you to get eyes on things you do not see when you are all in the Facility. This person is the key to a successful run. They will need a walkie to communicate with the crew and preferably a teleporter to teleport you or a friend out of danger (or deliver a crew member’s body to the ship).

The person-in-the-chair can also disable turrets, open metal doors and disable mines. They are an essential tool to a very successful run.

5) Always go in prepared

Opening the Store to equip yourself with helpful gear is one of the most useful Terminal Commands in Lethal Company. Recent updates to Lethal Company have even enabled enemies to be killed and/or stunned, which can save you in dire situations.

The most important tool for you to own will be the flashlight, as it can get very dark very quickly, making meaningful exploration next to impossible.

Also, stock up on grenades and valuable tools from the Terminal, which you can choose depending on your goals and playstyle. If you cannot loot enough, don’t waste gathered funds and accidentally send yourself below the quota, leading to an immediate defeat and loss of progress.

When to sell items and scrap in Lethal Company?

You should always look to sell items on the last day, as you can get the most money out of your items this way. However, this is subject to change, especially when you play on the final three moons of the game, where a lot of valuable items can be collected quickly, making early sales a viable strategy. If you’ve gathered thousands in Lethal Company, and you have enough to meet the quota after the first or second day, you can perhaps try selling your items earlier and use the last day to try and explore more.

If not, we recommend you stick to selling your items on the last day and capitalize fully on your collected loot. As we’ve noted above, you may also sell earlier if you want to explore valuable late-game Lethal Company moons, but the weather conditions are unfavorable, making it too risky to go in without meeting the quota first.

Your playstyle matters most. It’s up to you to properly time selling scrap and items to make as much money as possible in Lethal Company.

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