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Helldiver holding rifle with cape blowing in the wind in Helldivers 2 opening
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Helldivers 2 weapon tier list (June 2024)

Make sure those Warbond Medals are worth it.

We’re all aware of the importance of communication in any online shooter, especially in Helldivers 2. But you can’t go wrong when investing in firepower to increase those survivability chances and reduce the amount of Supply Drop calls to replenish your ammo.

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Here is our Helldivers 2 weapon tier list, including primary, secondary, grenade, and support weapon rankings.

Helldivers 2: All weapons tier list

As you progress through Helldivers 2‘s difficulty levels, you may notice the drastic damage reduction in your default loadout. The Liberator and Peacemaker were decent entry weapons for me to take into Helldiver 2‘s trivial, easy, and medium Operations. But things got rather intense as I moved to challenging difficulty onwards, and the weapons I previously relied on were no longer viable in a fight against the larger armored enemies and outposts. As the difficulty rises, so too does the demand for perfection.

Regardless of whether you’re a solo Helldiver or you enjoy working with a team, you’ll need to purchase new weapons using the Acquisitions menu in the Destroyer. Weapons can be bought using Warbond Medals in the free or premium battle passes.

Helldiver 2‘s Viper Commandos Warbond dropped on June 13, giving players a few new weapons to experiment with. From explosive to precision weapons in previous Warbonds, the Viper Commandos offers three weapons that create a well-balanced and adaptable loadout when combined together.

There is something for everyone in this Warbond. Those who use stealth can try the new Throwing Knife. While a more impactful and aggressive approach is within grasp with the Bushwhacker. Finally, the new Liberator is suited for all playstyles where Stratagems do most of the heavy lifting. But how have these impacted the weapons tier list for June 2024? Let’s find out.

Helldivers 2: Firearm and explosives tier list

S tier

LAS-16 Sickle

LAS-16 Sickle in Helldivers 2
LAS-16 Sickle. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Great range
  • Excellent at wiping multiple enemies at once
  • Massive capacity


  • Slower reload speed due to overheating mechanic

Prioritize clearing enemy hordes with this, rather than taking on single heavily armored targets.

SG-225 Breaker

SG-225 Breaker in Helldivers 2
Breaker shotty. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Great range
  • Easy to use with high mobility
  • Incredibly fast firing rate with high-powered shots


  • Can’t really fault it!

Target weak spots for quick kills to conserve ammunition.

R-36 Eruptor

R-36 Eruptor
R-36 Eruptor. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Incredible range
  • Fantastic at destroying structures, plugging Nest holes, and demolishing Outpost Fabricators.
  • Can kill Chargers in two shots
  • Great armor penetration


  • Best used in first-person mode, making it not particularly flexibility in close-range fights

Use this on armored enemies and structures, paired with the G-23 Stun to keep large enemies in place.

SG-8S Slugger

SG-8S Slugger in Helldivers 2
Slugger shotty. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Good range
  • Powerful headshot capabilities against both factions


  • Slower firing rate than the Breaker, forcing you to switch to your secondary or support weapon to deal with hordes of enemies

PLAS-1 Scorcher

PLAS-1 Scorcher in Helldivers 2
Scorcher rifle. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Highly accurate weapon with no recoil
  • Great mobility
  • Easy to use in third-person mode
  • Can pierce medium-armored enemies (Like the Scout Striders and Warriors)


  • Small magazine capacity
  • Requires multiple mags to take down heavy-armored enemies

Use in third-person mode to increase mobility and easily reposition in a fight.

G-23 Stun

G-23 Stun
G-23 Stun. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Stuns multiple enemies at once


  • No obvious faults

A tier

SG-22 Bushwhacker

SG-22 Bushwhacker in Helldivers 2 weapon overview
SG-22 Bushwhacker. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Incredibly powerful against medium-armored enemies (requires all three shells to one-shot armored Automaton and Terminid)
  • Lethal up close


  • Slow reload speed
  • Low mobility while reloading and ADSing

Reload and fire one bullet at a time for an increased fire rate.

SG-8 Punisher

SG-Punisher in Helldivers 2
Punisher shotty. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Great damage range
  • 405 base damage (highest damage shotgun)
  • Deals stagger damage to armored enemies
  • Massive magazine capacity of 60 bullets


  • Bolt action, making it much slower than any other shotgun
  • Weak against medium and heavy armor
  • Slower fire rate, making accuracy the most important part of the Punisher. If you miss, you’ll be the one who’s punished

Due to its slower firing rate, keep moving around with this shotgun in hand to avoid being surrounded.

G-31 Grenade Pistol

GP-31 Grenade Pistol
GP-31 Grenade Pistol. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Great armor-piercing weapon
  • Can deal explosive damage to multiple enemies within its impact radius


  • Limited capacity of eight shells

SG-225SP Breaker Spray&Pray

SG-225SP Breaker Spray&Pray in Helldivers 2
Spray-and-pray shotty. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Small bullet spread for powerful precision shots
  • Good mobility
  • Fast firing rate
  • Powerful against the Terminid


  • Smaller range than the SG-225 Breaker

Aim for headshots with the Spray&Pray for critical damage.

G-16 Impact

G-16 Impact in Helldivers 2
G-16 Impact. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • High damage
  • Incredibly fast fuse time for fast-action attacks
  • Great at clearing a horde close to you


  • Large radius of impact, putting yourself at risk of getting hit by the blast

Use this grenade to clear hordes of small, lower-tiered enemies without armor to conserve ammunition.

BR-14 Adjudicator

BR-14 Adjudicator
BR-14 Adjudicator. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Versatile weapon for all ranges
  • Decent mobility
  • Two choices between fire mode
  • Good magazine capacity


  • Hard to control recoil

Set to semi-auto mode for precision shots to lessen the recoil.

G-13 Incendiary Impact

G-13 Incendiary Impact in Helldivers 2
G-13 Incendiary Impact. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Quickly clears nearby enemies with its instant explosive damage
  • Really helpful against Terminid hordes
  • Can easily plug Nest holes and destroy Fabricator (via the ventilation hole) on impact


  • Not particularly effective against the Automaton

B tier

CB-9 Exploding Crossbow

CB-09 Exploding Crossbow
CB-09 Exploding Crossbow. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Kills multiple low-tiered enemies with a single projectile (much like a grenade)
  • Easy to use in third-person mode
  • Good magazine capacity


  • Doesn’t kill armored enemies quickly
  • Slow mobility than other weapons
  • Takes a moment between each projectile

SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary

SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary in Helldivers 2
Breaker Incendiary shotty. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Large ammo capacity with a high fire rate
  • Kills low-tiered enemies and sets others on fire
  • Best used against Terminid


  • Limited range
  • Hard to see if you’ve killed the enemy due to visual clutter

Use the Incendiary rounds like the Flamethrower; shoot and move to deal burning damage without putting yourself at risk of burning.

R-63 Diligence

R-63 Diligence in Helldivers 2
Diligence rifle. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Little recoil
  • Fast firing rate
  • Effective against pinpointing critical damage on weak areas (limbs and flesh)


  • Must be used in first-person mode to be effective against armored enemies
  • Weak in the armor-piercing department

The R-63 Diligence is best used in first-person mode for highly accurate shots, killing most low-tiered enemies in a single bullet.

SMG-72 Pummeler

SMG-72 Pummeller in Helldivers 2
SMG-72 Pummeler. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • One-handed weapon capable of shooting while wielding shields or carrying objective items
  • Stuns low-tiered and some mid-tiered enemies into place
  • Replaces the G-23 Stun if you want to use a different grenade


  • Bullets ricochet off armor

Arc-12 Blitzer

Arc-12 Blitzer in Helldivers 2
Arc-12 Blitzer. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Great against the Terminid
  • Best at mid-range
  • Stuns multiple enemies into place, letting you reposition without being overwhelmed


  • Low mobility and slow firing rate
  • Can take too long to kill enemies
  • Weak in armor penetration

R-63CS Diligence Counter Sniper

R-63CS Diligence Counter Sniper in Helldivers 2
Diligence Counter Sniper. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Great precision and damage, letting you easily target headshots and weak spots


  • Must be used in first-person mode to be effective
  • Can’t play offensively
  • Slower firing rate
  • Not as effective at killing as other weapons

Use fast-firing Support Weapons to accompany the Counter Sniper in case hordes get too close to you.

C tier

R-23P Liberator Penetrator

AR-23P Liberator Penetrator in Helldivers 2
Liberator Penetrator AR. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Easy recoil pattern to control
  • Nice optic for increased accuracy


  • Doesn’t deal high damage fast enough against armored enemies
  • Behaves more like an SMG

Make use of the large optic for high accuracy and critical damage against armored enemies.

AR-23 Liberator

AR-23 Liberator in Helldivers 2
Liberator AR. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Highly accurate weapon
  • Can kill armored enemies in a single magazine
  • Good mobility


  • Bullets are eaten up incredibly fast

Use the Liberator while you save Medals for A- and S-tier weapons.

AR-61 Tenderiser

AR-61 Tenderiser in Helldivers 2
AR-61 Tenderiser. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Great magazine capacity
  • Multiple ranges and firing modes available for distance fighting


  • Deals minimal damage to armored enemies due to its light-armor bullets
  • Low mobility in close-range battles, making it difficult to clear even the weakest of enemies if you get swarmed
  • Uses a ridiculous amount of ammunition just to take out a larger enemy with medium-armor

Use semi-auto mode to pinpoint enemy weakspots so you aren’t needlessly wasting ammo.

P-4 Senator

P-4 Senator Pistol in Helldivers 2
Senator revolver. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Great mobility
  • Conserves ammo
  • Higher damage than the Verdict


  • Requires high accuracy to take down a single enemy
  • Could be more powerful

Use the Senator with assault rifles or fast-firing shotguns rather than marksman and sniper rifles for a more versatile and adaptive loadout.

P-113 Verdict

P-113 Verdict in Helldivers 2
P-113 Verdict. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • One-handed so you can wield the Ballistic Shield with ease
  • Kills low-tiered enemies with one headshot


  • Weak against armor
  • Ammo quickly depletes with its 10-round magazine

Jar-5 Dominator

JAR-5 Dominator in Helldivers 2
Dominator AR. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Highly accurate


  • Slow fire rate and mobility
  • Small magazine capacity if you’re faced with hordes of enemies

Due to its slow mobility, make use of the large optic and use the Dominator from afar to deal damage.

AR-23A Liberator Carbine

AR-23A Liberator Carbine in Helldivers 2 weapon overview
AR-23A Liberator Carbine. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Can efficiently clear low-tier enemy spawns for shuttle evacuation and patrols
  • Good mobility
  • Easy to use


  • Limited range
  • High firing rate and bullet spread that quickly depletes ammunition supply
  • Only helpful against lower-tiered enemies

G-123 Thermite

G-123 Thermite
G-123 Thermite. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Can deal ticking damage to any enemy it is stuck on
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies in its damage radius


  • Decent armor penetration but could be better
  • Requires multiple thermites to take down armored enemies

Use three thermites to kill Automaton Hulks.

G-12 High Explosive

G-12 High Explosive in Helldivers 2
G-12 High Explosive. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Good for destroying Automaton Fabricators and Nest holes
  • Deals a lot of damage to armored enemies


  • Takes too long to explode
  • Explosive primaries and Stratagems do a better job than this grenade

Throw the grenade directly into one of the two holes in the front of the Fabricator to explode and destroy an Automaton Outpost.

G-6 Frag

G-6 Frag in Helldivers 2
G-6 Frag. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Helpful against clearing low-tiered enemies that are incredibly close to you


  • Doesn’t do much against high-tiered enemies or Elimination mission targets

Pull the grenade pin, hold it momentarily, and throw at a nearby group of low-tiered enemies to clear the small area.

MP-98 Knight

MP-98 Knight in Helldivers 2
Knight SMG. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Great ammo capacity, with seven mags
  • Easy to use


  • High recoil

Use a light or medium build with the Knight for extra mobility.

LAS-5 Scythe

LAS-5 Scythe in Helldivers 2
Scythe rifle. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Long beam duration
  • Deals damage over time
  • You don’t need to reload often as it heats up
  • Good range


  • Requires you to permanently track enemies
  • Focuses on one enemy at a time rather than shooting at multiple enemies within quick succession
  • Takes a long time to kill an armored enemy

Be mindful of your positioning at all times due to the Scythe’s overheating feature.

LAS-7 Dagger

LAS-7 Dagger in Helldivers 2
LAS-7 Dagger. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Good at clearing low-tiered Terminid hordes that are on you
  • Good damage against flesh


  • Minimal damage against armor, making it less impactful than other weapons

Use the Dagger as a last resort to quickly clear nearby enemies.

K-2 Throwing Knife

K-2 Throwing Knife in Helldivers 2 weapon overview
K-2 Throwing Knife. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Only grenade item that’s viable for stealthier operations (to take out one to three enemies at a time)
  • Has high armor penetration, letting you take down Chargers by consistently targeting a limb


  • Inconsistent damage
  • Can sometimes take multiple knives to take out weak enemies (Warriors and Hunters)
  • Cannot be picked up after use (eight knives per Helldiver)
  • Alerts enemies to your presence if the knife flies past their vision
  • Inaccurate for a weapon that replaces high-impact grenades

D tier

G-10 Incendiary

G-10 Incendiary in Helldivers 2
G-10 Incendiary. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Deals ticking damage against low-tiered enemies
  • Especially helpful against the Terminid


  • More situational, specifically against the Terminid faction
  • There are better incendiary weapons to use than this

The G-10 is helpful if you don’t have support or primary weapons that can quickly deal ticking damage to low-tiered enemies.

P-2 Peacemaker

P-2 Peacemaker in Helldivers 2
P-2 Peacemaker pistol. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Can easily take out low-tiered enemies with few bullets


  • Only deals decent damage to lower-tiered enemies
  • Doesn’t have a large mag capacity
  • Limited magazine count means you’ll be looking for ammo more than you should

Use the Peacemaker while you save up on Medals for stronger secondary weapons.

SMG-37 Defender

SMG-37 Defender in Helldivers 2
Defender SMG. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Fast mobility
  • Easy to use recoil pattern
  • Best used in third-person mode


  • Slower reload than other weapons

Switch to the Defender in close-range battles to quickly kill a multitude of enemies during Bot and Bug Breaches.

AR-23E Liberator Explosive

AR-23E Liberator Explosive in Helldivers 2
Liberator Explosive AR. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • High-accuracy shots that deal good damage against enemies
  • Best used as a marksman rifle


  • More of a situational weapon, best used against low-tiered Terminid enemies
  • Stiff controls with reduced mobility
  • Slow firing rate

Use the Liberator Explosive to clear Terminid eggs and nests.

G-3 Smoke

G-3 Smoke in Helldivers 2
G-3 Smoke. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Good for blinding far away, high-powered enemies such as turrets and cannons


  • There are Stratagems that do a better job at this

Smoke when your health is low to limit enemy line of sight.

P-19 Redeemer

P-19 Redeemer in Helldivers 2
Redeemer SMG. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Great at clearing low-tiered enemies that get too close
  • Great mobility


  • Ridiculously high recoil pattern, making it more useful to aim down sights, but that defeats the purpose of this secondary weapon
  • High fire rate eats a ton of ammo, making Supply Drops and looting minor points of interest a greater priority than they need to be

Wait until a horde gets close, and use the Redeemer on enemies directly next to you for maximum damage.

SG-8P Punisher Plasma

SG-8P Punisher Plasma in Helldivers 2
SG-8P Punisher Plasma. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Great against shooting off Automaton limbs and targetting their power supply for weak spots
  • Good stagger damage
  • Excellent at long-range shooting, letting you keep a safe distance from enemies


  • You must switch to your secondary to avoid being killed by surrounding enemy hordes
  • Doesn’t deal consistent enough damage to the weakest of Terminid enemies
  • Difficult to use against low-tiered Terminid like the Hunter as you can easily inflict damage upon yourself with a single plasma shot

Use mid- to long-range only to avoid inflicting explosive damage on yourself.

PLAS-101 Purifier

PLAS-101 Purifier in Helldivers 2
PLAS-101 Purifier. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Excels only in long-range fights
  • Mildly staggers enemies


  • Slow charging time, forcing you to switch to a support weapon or secondary to clear nearby enemies
  • Incredibly long time to kill against armored enemies
  • Limited to long-range

Helldivers 2: Support weapons tier list

Support weapons, better known as Stratagems, act as your primary access to firepower. While you’ll have your dedicated primary and secondary weapons you pick in the Hellpod, Stratagems will help you through a mission. You can also come across support weapons as random loot on the ground, letting you practice with them before you bite the bullet and spend your hard-earned Requisition (cash) on them at the Ship Management.

Some support weapons work far better when you are with a team, designating a player to wield the weapon, while another supports with ammunition. But these are divided into tiers based on their sheer firepower, easiness of use, and mobility.

S TierA TierB TierC Tier
Quasar CannonRailgunMachine GunGrenade Launcher
Stalwart Spear Recoilless RifleExpendable Anti-Tank
AutocannonFlamethrowerLaser CannonArc Thrower

We hope these recommendations prove worthy to you, Helldiver. Good luck out there!

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