The 11 best computer desks for gaming

Choose the best foundation for your setup.

You may have one of the best PCs and mouse and keyboard setups, but without a comfortable desk to place all of your equipment, a two-hour gaming session can be as exhausting as an eight-hour session.

Gaming desks are designed with gamers in mind and they include everything to make your life easier. They have cup holders to prevent you from spilling your drink over your peripherals and headphone hooks to give you extra space. 

More desk space can also be used to increase your productivity, which makes gaming desks a great alternative if you use your setup for work.

A perfect gaming desk should be high enough for your chair while blending into your room both in terms of dimensions and style. Picking one can be a hassle since the choices seem endless, but we’ve compiled the best desks on the market to save you some time.

Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk

Mr IRONSTONE gaming desk’s compact size makes it a great choice for anyone gaming in a small room.

The 45.3-inch wide desk comes in two different colors: black and white. It’s about 29 inches deep and also features a firm cupholder, alongside a hook to hang your headset. It has a waterproof and easy-to-clean laminated surface, which can be a dealbreaker for gamers who enjoy snacking while playing their favorite games.

Overall, the desk offers plenty of space for being 45.3 inches wide. It’s also easy to set up and offers cable management, which is one of the most important things for gamers who are worried about aesthetics.

RESPAWN 2000 L-Shaped Gaming Computer Desk

If you’re looking for a desk to house a multi-monitor gaming setup, L-shaped desks are the way to go.

RESPAWN’s L-shaped gaming desk has a great build quality and offers extra space, which can be useful if you’re also looking to get some work done or just showcase your collectibles. With multiple headset holders and a cup holder, the desk can turn into an ultimate battle station by housing both your PC and console peripherals.

The 66.25-inch-by-66.25-inch-by-29.5-inch desk can weigh up to 200 pounds. Though its raised monitor shelf is a great solution to house curved gaming monitors, it can also be removed to gain extra desk space.

Vitesse Vit Gaming Desk

Vitesse Vit is one of the desks that provides the most utilities on our list.

The Vit comes in two sizes: 47.2 and 55.1 inches wide. Both of them are 23.6 inches deep and can be upgraded with LED lights for a small extra cost. Fans of RGB lights can change their desk’s colors on the fly to match their other peripherals.

On top of bright lightning, the Vit comes with tons of utility options, such as charging ports to keep your electronics topped off and a cup holder to keep your setup safe. Storage trays and a headphone hook are also there to free up desk space.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

If you’re a low DPI user and love swinging your mouse around in tactical shooters, the Arozzi Arena could be just for you. Its entire surface is made from mousepad material.

The 63-inch desk is 31.5 inches deep and comes in five different colors: red, blue, white, black, and green. Though the desk is a bit heavier than its competition at 176 pounds, it’s surprisingly easy to move around due to its gliding feet. It lacks a cup holder and a headset hook, but the extra width of the desk is more than enough to make up for it. 

While its mousepad surface can be a dream for some, be careful eating around your computer since cleaning a mousepad can turn into a nightmare.

Couchmaster Cycon Gaming Lap desk

If you have a desk job, it may be difficult to keep sitting behind a desk when you get home to play games. Lap desks are a lifesaver for gamers who prefer a couch setup.

The Cycon gaming lap desk is just big enough to house a full-sized keyboard and a mouse. Couchmaster’s way of handling internal cables assures a tidy room while lowering the latency to a minimum.

The desk has four integrated USB 3.0 ports and you can connect your devices with the desk’s included 16-foot USB cable. Its arms are made of memory foam cushions and are quite comfy.

Opting for a wireless headset to complete your couch setup can also be a good idea to reduce the number of cables.

ApexDesk Elite Series

Life would be easier if we could adjust the height of our desks just like our chairs. That’s now possible and ApexDesk Elite is one of the few gaming desks that features an electric height adjusting system. This feature can especially come in handy if you’re planning to switch chairs or just want to try out different angles.

The ApexDesk Elite comes in two different sizes: 60 and 71 inches. The desk is 29.5 inches deep and has a solid build that can hold up to 225 pounds. Another advantage of its height adjustment feature is that it can be converted to a standing platform, which can be useful for anyone worried about sitting down too much. 

You can also save your favorite heights and switch between them with the desk’s six-button programmable controller.

Walker Edison Furniture Company L-Shaped Gaming Command Center

Most L-shaped desks tend to be bigger than desired. If you have limited space but still need an L-shaped command center, Walker Edison has you covered.

The L-shaped gaming command center is 51 inches wide and 29 inches deep. The desk comes in five different color options: white, smoke gray, silver, glass, and black. It has a great build quality and can easily be turned into a U-shaped desk setup if you were to order two.

Though the desk doesn’t have a cup holder, it has a dedicated universal desktop stand and a keyboard tray that can be used as storage spaces when needed.

Eureka Ergonomic I1

Paying above-average prices for a gaming desk may not be an option for someone who blew all of their money on a new gaming PC. Though your PC deserves the best housing possible, there are budget options that should also do the trick.

Eureka Ergonomic I1 is one of the better budget desks in the market. While its size of 44.5 x 24.2 x 30 inches is smaller than most of its competition, it makes up for it with its build quality and maximum weight support.

Ergonomic I1 features a carbon fiber tabletop, aesthetic looks, and a stable frame. It also includes cable trays, which are always lovely help for cable management. Despite its size, Ergonomic I1 can carry up to 150 pounds. This should be more than enough to carry two-to-three regular monitors, sized at 24 inches, and your rig. We would still recommend keeping your PC on the floor, however, since not pushing its limits would probably be the ideal thing to do for its longevity.

Thermaltake TT Gaming Level 20 RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk

RGB lights can mean nothing to the most competitive gamers out there, but it’s certainly hard to deny the beauty of the disco-like ambiance they help create.

Thermaltake’s Level 20 RGB Battlestation comes with 20 customizable lighting zones—hence the 20 in the name—that you can show your artistic side with 16.8 million RGB colors.

This desk’s sized at 64.9 x 29.5 x 43.3 inches, and it can support up to 330 pounds. While it isn’t classified as a stand-up desk, you can still adjust its height. The minimum height you can set is 27.5 inches, while the maximum is 43.3 inches.

RGB enthusiasts can also sync the lights on their table with other peripherals via software like Razer Chroma. Don’t forget to share your custom profiles, so everyone can try out your settings and maybe rock the same colors as you.

Cougar Mars Gaming Desk

While most desks on our list are simply “desks” with only RGB lights to offer as something extra, Cougar Mars Gaming Desk becomes a part of your PC. The desk meets this goal by featuring two hubs that include headphone jacks and a couple of USB ports. This allows gamers to fold the cables of their peripherals and free up space. Cougar also uses a top-tier, lossless cable to connect your peripherals to your PCs, so your response rates should still be the same.

Cougar Mars Gaming desk is sized at 60.4 x 30.4 x 27 inches and has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. Its height is also adjustable, and you can adjust it between 29.5 and 33.5 inches.

The desks included RGB lights are syncable with other RGB hardware, and it features an RGB header that you can plug into your motherboard. This header makes syncing the colors of your hardware easier via programs that can control RGB like MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and Asus Aura Sync.

DXRacer GD/1000/N Gaming Desktop Office Desk

If you’re already considering a DXRacer gaming chair for your setup, then complimenting it with a DXRacer desk can be an excellent idea. The company also produces quality desks and features great quality of life additions that make both gamers and home office workers’ lives easier.

DXRacer GD/1000 comes in four different colors, and it’s sized at 47.3 x 31.5 x 31 inches. It falls back behind its competition in terms of weight since it can only support 110 pounds. The desk features a steel rod frame and an ABS+ wooden desk board with a 10-degree slope. This slope allows you to keep a more natural posture by giving more resting room to your arms. The bottom side of the table is padded with a soft surface, making it more comfortable for your elbows.

It’s one of the easier tables on our list to move, and it also comes with great additions to make cable management more effortless.

While it isn’t the best in any given criteria, it’s still a decent all-rounder and will get the job done.

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