MrBeast teams up with Turtle Beach and ROCCAT for Feastables launch giveaway

When your logos match just right.

Image via Feastables

Roccat and Turtle Beach have put together several bundles and individual prizes from their gaming gear lineup to support the rollout of MrBeast’s new snack line.

MrBeast, best known for his 88 million subscriber YouTube channel and philanthropy work, is branching out into the snack food market with the Feastables MrBeast Bar. To celebrate the YouTuber’s newest endeavor, Roccat and Turtle Beach are offering up to 360 chances to win prizes from the 540 item pool. While there are 540 items up for grabs, some items come bundled together.

Prizes vary greatly but the most notable items included in the giveaway are some of both brands’ newest offerings. Individual prizes include Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro 2 headset, as well as its Recon 500 headset. Some bundles in the giveaway include audio options in the form of Roccat’s Syn Pro Air wireless headset and Turtle Beach’s Stealth 700 Gen 2. Other gear featured in the giveaway are Roccat’s Vulkan TKL and Kone Pro gaming mouse.

“Of course, you have to deliver big when you partner with one of the most creative and most-watched YouTubers in history on a new initiative like Feastables,” said Turtle Beach Corporation chairman and CEO Juergen Stark. “Since MrBeast is a big gamer, we’ve provided a healthy amount of some of our best console and PC accessories to help our collective fans celebrate the launch.”

Feastables is inspired by gaming, but it also has roots in sustainability. The company is partnered with the Rainforest Alliance in an effort to responsibly source its cacao. MrBeast’s new line of snacks also uses EcoCart and TerraCycle to provide carbon-neutral shopping and waste reduction through recycling, respectively.

The giveaway begins Feb. 2 and runs until April 2022. Those interested in entering the giveaway can find more information on the Feastables prizes page.