London Conspiracy qualifies for the Halo World Championship

London Conspiracy rounds out the European teams attending the Halo World Championship.

Photo via Halo Waypoint

After FAB Games and Supremacy solidified their spots in the 2017 Halo World Championship, many people began to worry that the UK were being dethroned as the kings of Halo in Europe. Fortunately for the UK, London Conspiracy was able to come through for this scene, as they recently won the EU Last Chance Qualifier and earned their spot at the Halo World Championship.

Credits to London Conspiracy

London Conspiracy’s roster is as follows:

  • Rob “SeptiQ” Singleton
  • Ryan “Batchford” Batchelor
  • Andrew “Ramirez” Corrigan
  • Casey “Lunny” Lunn

London Conspiracy joins FAB Games and Supremacy as the only three European representatives at the Halo World Championship. Yet to qualify for the event are seven teams from North America, one team from Australia/New Zealand, and one team from Latin American.

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