1 June 2016 - 02:18

Can CLG Be The Greatest Halo Team of All Time?

CLG, the most dominate team in Halo 5 is determined to have their success last much longer than just Halo 5 but can they top Halo's greatest teams in success?
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In the past, we have seen many god squads reign terror amongst other Halo teams for multiple events. Teams like Final Boss in Halo 2, Triggers Down in Halo 3,  Instinct in Halo: Reach, Ambush in Halo 4 and Evil Geniuses in Halo 2: Anniversary are only a few of the historic teams that were able to win back-to-back events and even more during their greatest years. Looking at Counter Logic Gaming and their great success last season, can this team top the most legendary Halo teams in overall success?


Most would agree that CLG is one of the most talented and dominant teams in Halo history, but they were not always like this. Back in Halo 2: Anniversary, CLG was always viewed as the second best team due to them almost always placing second in every event they competed in with the exception of Iron Games Columbus 2014, which they won and Iron Games Atlanta 2015, which they placed fifth at. Although this consistency for most teams would be great, CLG knew they had it in them to push for first and they knew that it would only be a matter of time before it happened.

Come Halo 5, CLG made two of the smartest decisions they could have ever made. Noticing the large amount of talent emerging in the scene, CLG wanted to take full advantage of this by picking up an aspiring player eager to learn and improve their craft. CLG would replace veteran player Cloud for a rookie named Frosty. This young player was well known for his great talent as well as having a great personality. Ogre 2, Royal 2 and SnakeBite wanted to take Frosty under their wings and mold him into the talented individual he is today. Soon after Frosty was picked up, Legendary Halo Player Ogre 2 stepped down from his position as captain of CLG, leaving the team with another spot to fill in. They would be able to steal former Evil Geniuses member LethuL from EG in what would be known as one of the most chaotic team changes to ever be made due to it causing havoc amongst other rosters in the league.

This new roster for CLG needed little time to develop the necessary chemistry and become the next big god squad in the scene. In a little over a month, CLG would win their first Halo 5 event being the NA Regional Finals, and they would then move on to the Halo World Championship of 2016, which they won as well.

Although they only have two event wins under their belt in this game, CLG is still eager to be the best team in Halo history. With a great combination of both veteran and young talent, CLG has enough fuel in them to last for a very long time and looking at how dominant they have been recently, I think it is safe to say that this will once again be another great season for CLG. However, this team still has a long way to go in my eyes if they want to even have the same legendary status as a team like Final Boss, which has a grand total of 13 event wins spanning from both Halo 2 and Halo 3.

What do you think about CLG potentially being better than some of Halo’s best teams? Let me know in the comments section below.

Credited images go to Halo eSportsPedia, Counter Logic Gaming and Major League Gaming

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