How to gift games on the Epic Games Store

It's the thought that counts.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games Store has become Steam’s most formidable rival. From handing out free games every week to rewarding players with discount coupons for their purchases, Epic managed to become one of the main hubs for PC gamers.

Though you’ll have an easy time navigating around the Epic Games Store while shopping for a game to add to your collection, you may run into a few struggles if you’re in the market for getting a gift for a friend.

Gifting games has been a core part of all the known similar services like Steam and Battle.Net, so it would only make sense if the feature also existed on Epic Games Store.

Can you gift games in the Epic Store?

No, you can’t gift games to friends in the Epic Games Store. At the time of writing, the gifting feature doesn’t exist on the Epic Games Store.

The gifting feature is one of the shortcomings of the Epic Games Store, but the developer has plans to add it to the platform in the future. Considering the gifting feature exists in games that are hosted on Epic’s servers, it shouldn’t take long until the feature also makes its way to the Epic Games Launcher.

If you’re looking to gift a game to a friend, you’ll need to check out alternative ways. Purchasing CD keys, choosing a different platform, or directly sending them the cost of the game you’d like to buy for them are all decent ways to gift a game.