How to fix Steam wishlist not loading error

Make your wishes come true, if they load first.

Image via Steam

Kids who grew up to be gamers don’t write to Santa anymore. Not because he’s not real (since of course he’s real), but because there’s an improved and more fruitful way of asking for the things you want: the Steam wishlist.

The Steam wishlist feature is a valuable part of the massive PC gaming store/platform. It lets users store all their desired games there, making it easier to check and see if something they especially want goes is discounted during a big sales event. Additionally, for those of you looking for a last-minute gift for your friend, you get a curated list of options.

Sometimes, though, the Steam wishlist doesn’t always work properly, since it’s capable of not loading specific entries or not loading at all at times.

What to do when the Steam wishlist is not working

If it’s a case of specific items on the wishlist not loading next to the other ones, there’s a workaround. Most times, if you open Big Picture mode and navigate to the wishlist there, you will see all the games that should be there. To do this, open Big Picture mode by clicking the icon between your profile drop down menu and the minimize option. Once in Big Picture mode, click the big Store tab, then hit Wishlist on the left side menu.

Image via Valve

Take note of the games that show up on Big Picture mode but not on your normal wishlist. You can then exit Big Picture mode, find those games via the Store, and re-add them to your wishlist. The reason they’re not showing up on the wishlist is likely due to the game being added and re-added as a new store listing, which can happen a lot, especially to early-access titles.

If your entire wishlist isn’t loading, it’s more likely a Steam issue than anything else. During sales or events, Steam’s servers can get bogged down by an influx of traffic, so check to see if Steam is down or struggling first. You can also try restarting Steam or resetting your internet connection.