Everything you need to know about Steam Summer Sale 2022

Fresh and hot deals.

Image via Valve

School is out and the sun is up, so that means it’s time to lock yourself in your room and beef up that Steam library with more discounted games you may or may not ever play. That’s right, it’s time again for the Steam Summer Sale.

The Steam Summer Sale genuinely has some of the best and sometimes most unbelievable discounts on games, from AAA titles to delightful indies, across all genres and game types. There will be single-player and multiplayer games on sale, some of which will have gargantuan discounts of up to 90 percent off.

Want to know when you can spend your money? Curious about some of the other details? We’ve got you covered, future spender. Let’s buff up that library some more.

When does the Steam Summer Sale start and end?

The Steam Summer Sale for 2022 officially begins on Thursday, June 23 at 12pm CT and ends on Thursday, July 7 at 12pm CT. Players and Steam users will have exactly two weeks to purchase games on sale.

Players can access deals through the Steam application on their PC or phone, as well as the Steam store webpage.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 details

Like previous Steam Summer Sales, some deals should be available during the entire two-week period, while there will also be daily flash deals that go away after just one day. Participants can also earn Summer Sale trading cards that they collect by making purchases, and these can go toward crafting Badges that can be fixed to a profile.

We’re unsure about what surprises Valve has in store for the Steam Summer Sale 2022, but its press release does include a warning: “P.S. Watch out for Clorthax. He sometimes tries to mess up our sales, so if you see him, beware.”

Do what you please with that information. And watch out for Clorthax, we suppose.