More players playing in a Lethal Company lobby thanks to a mod.
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Best mods for Lethal Company

Modders know how to make it even better.

Lethal Company is a great game, but since it’s still in early access, the community has many ideas for things they’d like to add. Luckily, modders have taken matters into their own hands. 

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The most popular mods show what the community would like for the developer to add to Lethal Company and improve various aspects of the game in its current state.

Mods are an essential solution for many players, at least until Lethal Company starts getting way bigger updates, which the developer promised will happen from Version 50 onward. Chances are that these updates will contain what the community has been asking for and a whole lot more.

How to install and use mods in Lethal Company

To install and use mods in Lethal Company, you need to set up the Thunderstone mod marketplace, get two essential mods for all the others to work, and then start grabbing whatever modifications you feel your game needs.

Installing mods in Lethal Company might sound tricky, but it’s actually quite simple if you know what you’re doing. The first thing to do is install the Thunderstone mod marketplace, and from here, you need to download the following plugins:

  • BepInEx
  • LC API

After you’ve got both of these plugins, all you just need to do is select the mods you want from Thunderstone and install them manually to your game.

Essential mods for Lethal Company


BepInExPack is an essential mod pack for Lethal Company. It’s very important for players who want to use mods in their game. Without this pack, none of the other mods mentioned will work.


LC API is another important tool for modding Lethal Company. It makes some key changes in the background and is necessary for running almost all mods on this list, much like BepInExPack.

Best mods for Lethal Company

Two characters in Lethal Company accessing the Terminal.
Mods simply make Lethal Company better. Image via Zeekerss


BiggerLobby, as the name suggests, enables you to increase the game’s lobby, which means more people can play together at the same time. Normally, only four players can join, but with this mod, up to 20 players can play together, making the game a lot more fun for you and all your friends you’d like to face the challenges of Lethal Company with. These types of mods have become the most popular, and for a good reason.


MoreCompany also makes lobbies bigger. But instead of stopping at 20 players like BiggerLobby, it lets you have even more players—up to 32. This means you can play with even more friends at the same time. Athough, keep in mind that it can be chaotic.

Two players standing on a moon in Lethal Company.
Mods make the game even better. Image via Zeekerss


LateCompany is a mod that letsr players join lobbies even after they’ve already started. It’s a quality-of-life mod that makes playing with others more flexible and convenient. We all have that friend who likes to show up 30 minutes after the crew starts playing, so this one is for them.


While we won’t spoil what form the Mimics take, this is a great mod that throws another inventive monster into the already potent Lethal Company mix. All we’ll say is that you ought to be very careful when interacting with your environments after you install this mod.

More Suits

More Suits is a mod that brings many new suits to the game. It also lets players change how these suits look, giving everyone a chance to make their gameplay more personal and stylish. When using other mods to bring more players in your lobby, you’ll want to differentiate yourself, so this is the perfect mod to pair.

A player using the flashlight in Lethal Company.
The Flashlight is the most useful tool while exploring. Image via Zeekerss


FlashlightToggle is a mod that allows players to turn a flashlight on and off in their inventory, no matter what they are holding. This makes the game easier to play and the action smoother.


If you think the hostile environments of Lethal Company could use a more personal touch, GameMaster is the mod for you. This gives the host of your game the power to spawn in enemies as they see fit. It even provides the option to make small tweaks to the speed of enemies. Are your friends are too good at staying alive, and you want to make things exceptionally challenging? It’s up to you!


ItemQuickSwitch is a mod that adds keybinds for getting to items quickly, making managing items and playing the game more efficient. When out exploring, you don’t want to worry about searching through your gear. Install this mod so you can get ready fast to face whatever obstacles come across your path.

Brutal Company

Brutal Company is a hardcore mod designed for one purpose—to make Lethal Company even more challenging than it already is. It offers a harder and more intense gaming experience. We get that not everybody is playing Lethal Company for the challenge, but if you are, this is a must-have mod.


MikesTweaks is a mod that lets you change a variety of things within the game, such as:

  • Weight of items
  • Keybinds
  • Player stamina
  • Number of item slots

Basically, you can customize how you want to play the game. You can use this as little or as much as you need, in fact, you can even use it in combination with Brutal Company to make the game difficulty almost unbeatable.

Yippee Hoarding Bugs

Player holding a Walkie-talkie in Lethal Company spots a Hoarding Bug, which is a large brown bug with red eyes.
Goofy but fun. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This is a very goofy mod, but it’s an enjoyable one as well. With the YippeeMod, Hoarding Bugs no longer make unpleasant and insect-like chittering noises. Instead, they let loose a happy “Yippee!” when you walk past them.

It’s less creepy than insect lip-smacking (mandible-smacking?), but it doesn’t change the sometimes hostile nature of the Hoarding Bugs. Even though they sound happy to see you, they’llstill fly after you with a malicious vengeance if you touch their loot.


Mods for Lethal Company tend to fall into two categories: useful or goofy. The Skinwalkers mod, however, can crank the already spooky atmosphere of the game all the way to 11. With this mod installed, the game records the audio from the players and then programs the creatures to mimic those sounds back to you. You might think it’s your friend repeating something they said a bit ago as they get closer to you, but you’re actually heading right into a trap.


If you’re storing a lot of loot in your ship before selling it for credits, you’ll want to know what it’s all worth, right? Well, this handy mod, ShipLoot, gives you a consistently updated look at how much you can get for the loot inside your ship. Who doesn’t want to be updated as they explore?


With the Pinger mod, you can flag locations so your team members can see them as well. There are two options for pinging, and that is to signify:

  • Interesting loot
  • Imminent danger

Every ping you create lasts 10 seconds, and it’s good to know that they cover a distance big enough to help players on the majority of moons.


As Lethal Company generates its maps procedurally, players are forced to face mazes of stairwells and corridors, many leading to a dead end. While the horror element of feeling lost is what many players are after, some of them would like to be able to find their way around easier. This is where the Minimap mod jumps in.

This mod adds a customizable minimap that makes it much simple to navigate the area. It can be toggled on and off, so each team member can choose how they want to play.

Better Stamina

If you feel like you’re moving too slow, and always getting caught by the monsters in your game, the Better Stamina mod is the solution for you. It boosts the stamina pool and makes it regenerate faster.

Aside from being able to get away from the creatures more easily, you’ll also have less trouble going back and forth between different locations and your ship to leave off all that scrap you’ve collected.

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