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Lethal Company is shaping up to be one of the biggest horror releases in 2023, and it was developed by a single person. It’s garnered over 100 thousand concurrent players, with most popular gaming content creators jumping aboard to explore the game’s weird and dangerous moons.

At present, though, the game is fairly light on content, and can get repetitive after a while. But worry not—modders are here to help, and we’re here to show you how to install mods in Lethal Company.

The game is very new, and so are all its mods, so things are rapidly evolving. There are already some awesome mods for Lethal Company that will improve your gameplay and satiate your boredom after you’ve explored all the nooks and crannies of its seven maps.


    How to get and install mods in Lethal Company?

    To acquire and use mods in Lethal Company, you’ll need to download the BepInEx plugin and the LC API from Thunderstore. With these installed, you’ll be able to browse Thunderstore for Lethal Company mods and download them directly.

    Download and install BepInEx

    We’ve already covered how to get, install, and tweak BepInEx in a separate guide, so follow that before exploring otherworldly mods for Lethal Company.

    Download and install the LC API

    Another crucial component to modding Lethal Company is the LC API on Thunderstore. It’s simple and straightforward to install, so here’s how to do it:

    • Go to the LC API page on Thunderstore.
    • Select “Manual Download,” and save the .zip file to your desired location.
    • Open the archive.
    • Go to your Steam Library, and right-click on Lethal Company.
    • Hover your mouse over “Manage,” and select “Browse Local Files.”
    • Transfer the “BepInEx” folder from the archive into the game’s folder.

    And that should be that. You’ve now installed the LC API, which is a significant dependency for many Lethal Company mods. It will also let everyone know your server is modded, alongside other helpful hosting features.

    Explore the Thunderstore

    The Thunderstore is a mod-hosting website geared towards mods made for Unity games. It’ll have all the mods currently available for Lethal Company, and you can explore it to you heart’s content, picking out anything that’s to your liking. All the mods can be installed manually in the same manner we’ve described for the LC API. That said, the Thunderstore also has its own mod manager, the r2modman, which is a useful tool that completely streamlines mod installation and simplifies the process to share mods between yourself and your friends. Lethal Company


    Sometimes, players aren’t too eager to play with mods for games on Steam as it removes the ability to earn achievements. However, Lethal Company currently doesn’t have any achievements which means you can happily mod away!

    Useful mods in Lethal Company

    Lethal Company trailer of staff inside spaceship
    Screengrab by Dot Esports via Zeekerss

    Lethal Company, despite being relatively new, already has a sizeable modding community that’s only going to get bigger as time goes by. Considering the game’s popularity, it’s only a matter of time before we get some total overhauls and major changes to the game’s core gameplay loop. Until then, let’s take a look at some of the most useful mods currently available for Lethal Company.

    Bigger Lobby

    The Bigger Lobby MOD being used in Lethal Company.
    More company in Lethal Company. Image via ModDB

    Want to explore moons with an army instead of a regular crew? Well, this mod’s got you covered. It allows you to host parties of up to 20 players (which is a whole lot more than the default of 4). This mod, with so many people, completely streamlines the game and turns it into more of a comedy club than a Lovecraftian horror experience. Nevertheless, it’s meant for fun games that are less serious and gritty, which you may want a fix of after witnessing so many cosmic horrors.

    You can also give More Company a try if 20 players just isn’t enough.

    Flashlight Toggle

    A player looking toward a supply drop in Lethal Company while holding a flashlight.
    The flashlight can save your life. Image via Zeekerss

    Tired of having to pull out a flashlight to actually use it? Flashlight Toggle removes that feature from the game, making the item available at a button press, no matter what else you might be holding in your hands.

    Lethal Company is a dark game. It’s really dark, and going anywhere without a flashlight is asking for trouble. That said, the game features some weapons like the shovel or stop sign that are unusable as long as you’re holding the flashlight. This mod completely changes that, and lets you use the much-needed flashlight at any point, even with your hands full.

    More Suits

    While not one of the best mods in Lethal Company for improving gameplay, More Suits does allow you to express yourself a bit before an untimely demise.

    The default orange suit, while already iconic, gets bland and boring quickly, and there are few alternatives to be found. More Suits fixes that issue by adding several new suits that players can use and customize, which also makes identifying each player a whole lot easier. In the dark, where horrors lurk, it can be difficult to know who’s who, and this mod is precisely what you may need to help you further your exploration. The suits are also quite fashionable, too.


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