All characters in Disney Speedstorm

Is your favorite Disney or Pixar going yo be in Disney Speedstorm?

Image via Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm is entering its closed beta, and a bunch of Disney and Pixar characters are revving their engines in this upcoming kart racer.

The free-to-play racing game will feature an onslaught of various tracks, where each one has a theme after a movie. Each track will also be filled with unique power-ups that are sure to change the outcome of any race between these Disney and Pixar characters.

Each racer will also have its own unique abilities that will allow racers to choose characters based on racing preference, alongside their own biases for certain characters.

But who exactly is going to be in the game? And more importantly, did your favorite Disney or Pixar character make the cut? While not every character has been released just yet, here is a list of who is currently confirmed for Disney Speedstorm this summer.

Mickey Mouse

Screengrab via Disney

The mascot of Disney, Mickey Mouse enters Disney Speedstorm as a no-brainer choice to include in the Disney-based racer. The beloved Mouse was featured heavily throughout the two-minute trailer and was one of three characters whose playstyles were described in the trailer. According to the Disney Speedstorm trailer, Mickey Mouse will be a very speedy character that is likely all about acceleration and speed. It will be interesting to see if that speed can be controlled on the Disney racetracks in Summer.

Donald Duck

Screengrab via Disney

Mickey Mouse’s best friend made a brief appearance in the trailer released in Nintendo Direct where he was the only character whose stats were revealed. By the looks of his stats, he may have a similar playstyle built around controlled turns and drifts like our next character. The sidekick of Disney’s face, Donald Duck looks to make the Disney Speedstorm racetracks his opportunity to jolt past Mickey Mouse in the Disney spotlight.

Mulan and Li Shang

Screengrab via Disney

One of two Disney princesses confirmed for the upcoming Disney racer, Mulan enters the Disney Speedstorm race as a character all about control and handling, according to the trailer. She will look to bring her unwavering and strong nature from her self-titled movie as she races to become the fastest Disney character in Summer. Li Shang, Mulan’s love interest, also joins the crew.

Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann

Image via Disney

The quirky but loveable protagonist and his co-star Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean was seen towards the front of the race in the official promo for Disney Speedstorm. Not much information has been released on how the pirates will play in the game, but his transition from The Black Pearl to the Black Kart will be one that fans will be excited about.


Screengrab via Disney

The huggable blue yeti-like monster from Pixar’s Monster Inc. will make his way onto Disney Speedstorm so far as the only confirmed Pixar character on the roster. While we have to wait if his trusty one-eyed green sidekick Mike Wazowski will join him, Sully is set to power through the Disney racers with brute strength and power.

Belle and the Beast

Image via Disney

Belle from The Beauty and the Beast is seen on the back of the promotional cover for Disney Speedstorm. While not much has been seen of the Beast on the racetracks or the cover art, it is likely that the brute will wield a similar playstyle to Sully. The pair even have their own Beauty and the Beast-inspired track.

Hercules and Megara

Image via Disney

Not only are Hercules and Megara in the game, but they’re also getting their own themed race track as well. Megara, although not officially a Disney princess, looks very princess-like riding around in her white racecar, while Hercules sports a manly blue and gold-colored rig.

Mowgli and Baloo

Image via Disney

Mowgli and Baloo from Disney’s The Jungle Book are also getting their own jungle-themed racetrack. These two characters will be right at home on their own track, and players who are fans of the movie will be able to race as their favorite Jungle Book characters.

Sully hasn’t been confirmed as a beta character, but Disney Speedstorm players will be able to play the other confirmed 12 characters and more through cross-platform play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The game will also feature a split-screen co-op playstyle for those family get-togethers or Friendsgiving to liven up any environment with loved ones, similar to Mario Kart.

Disney Speedstorm still has no official release date yet, but the game is releasing in the summer of 2022.