When will Disney Speedstorm release?

When can you play Disney's newest racing game?

Image via Gameloft

Disney characters from across the franchise are coming together to participate in some of the most intense races players have ever seen when Disney Speedstorm hits PC and consoles. Players will be able to choose their favorite Disney characters and pit them against other beloved personalities.

The game was originally set to come out on all platforms as a free-to-play game in 2022. But when the game was given a new trailer in September and didn’t include a release date, fans started to get suspicious. 

And it turns out that suspicion was valid since Gameloft announced that the game will be delayed until 2023. The date is vague and players are wondering if they’ll be waiting another year before they’ll be able to race on the tracks themed after their favorite Disney movies.

There’s no window of time in which the game will be released. Since it was supposed to come out this year, fans are frustrated that there isn’t a more specific time frame for the game. A wait that was supposed to be fairly short might now be anywhere from another few months to a whole year.

Disney Speedstorm is set to feature tracks from multiple different films, such as Monsters Inc., Beauty and the Beast, and more. There are plenty of fun characters to play as, including the fab five, Jack Sparrow, Sully and Mike, and many more.

The game is also set to be free-to-play, making it easily accessible for many fans. The game had a beta where players got a taste of what it will be like, so while the news of the delay wasn’t a complete surprise for fans who paid attention to the latest trailer’s lack of a release date, it is a bummer for those who were hoping to play it soon.

Those wanting to keep tabs on the game should follow social media for updates on when a release date might be announced.

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