Fortnite pros say Epic’s punishment for World Cup cheater XXiF wasn’t enough

A 14-day ban would allow him to play in four future qualifiers.

Fortnite World Cup
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Competitive Fortnite: Battle Royale player XXiF has been found guilty of teaming during the World Cup Solo Qualifiers last weekend to get extra points and a spot in the Finals. Epic Games gave him a 14-day ban from competitive matches, removed his spot in the Finals and all his prize money for that. But is that enough? Other professional players don’t think so.

Most of them are criticizing Epic for allowing XXiF and his friends to participate in future World Cup Qualifiers after their bans have been lifted. Luminosity’s Ali “SypherPK” Hassan even wrote a “potential reality” of what the World Cup casters would say about these players if they qualified in one of the four other events they’ll be allowed to play. “Here’s Rise XXIF and his teammate Ronaldo showing up big in today’s competition,” SypherPK said. “Definitely an amazing come back after they were banned in week three for literally cheating.”

Other players emphasized that XXiF’s ban is too short for how much money he could’ve earned in the competition by cheating. Dennis “Cloak” Lepore and Dakotaz remembered that the Finals will have a $30 million prize pool, and players who qualify ensure they’ll at least get $50,000 even if they come in last place at the championship. “So you can cheat for millions and only get 14 day ban,” Dakotaz said. Cloak wrote something similar and tagged Epic to demand a response.

Streamer Jimmy “HighDistortion” Moreno compared XXiF’s infraction to robbing a bank, and said the player deserved to have his prize money taken back along with the rest of his punishment. Symfuhny, who was playing with HighDistortion when he said that, tweeted that the ban wasn’t long “but at least they did something.”

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With the disqualification of XXiF, Misfit’s Clix has secured a spot in the Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals. He’s now one of three players who’s qualified for both the Solo and Duos Finals of the event.

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