XXiF loses Fortnite World Cup Finals spot, banned 14 days for cheating

Epic Games says he was "colluding" to win.

Image via Epic Games

Rise Nation’s Damion “XXiF” C. has lost his spot in the Fortnite World Cup Finals and is banned for 14 days for cheating. XXiF left the verdict of his cheating allegations to Epic Games and the company has made its decision. Epic ruled that he’s guilty of colluding with other players for an easy qualification in the tournament.

XXiF isn’t the only one to face punishment, though. There are other players that Epic has deemed part of the collusion across several matches. All players involved, including XXiF, are receiving a 14-day ban from all competitive matches, and they’re now ineligible for any week three rewards from the qualifiers.

During the week three qualifiers on April 28, fellow pro player HighSky accused XXiF of teaming up with opponents to give him easy kills. Enemy players were seen purposefully shooting a brick and leaving a treasure chest alone before seemingly allowing him to kill them for easy qualifier points.

XXiF quickly denied all accusations, noting that fellow competitor Gestyy is not a friend, but like a “fan” at best. He ultimately left it up to Epic to decide, and the decision has been made.

Alongside these bans, Epic noted that it took action against 698 other players for breaking the official rules. This is the first time that we’ve heard of major bans like these after allegations against Dubs fn recently were dismissed following an investigation. These punishments seem like the bare minimum given what’s at stake in the Fortnite World Cup.

When reached out to, Epic declined to comment further on XXiF’s ban. “Beyond the blog post, we don’t have anything else to add right now,” Epic said.

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