XXiF denies cheating allegations from Fortnite qualifiers

XXiF leaves it up to Epic to decide the outcome.

Image via Epic Games.

Rise Nation’s Damion “XXiF” C. has denied cheating allegations against him from the Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers.

Earlier today, fellow pro HighSky accused him of colluding with his friends for easy points. As proof, he posted a video of two players who are allegedly friends of XXiF. The players purposely shoot a brick wall and destroy a chest, then seemingly allow XXiF to eliminate them for points.

XXiF called the allegations “false” and refuted any claims that he is friends with fellow competitor Gestyy. XXiF noted that Gestyy is equivalent to a “fan” of his and Gestyy’s actions have nothing to do with him. He said he’ll ultimately leave the outcome of these allegations to Epic.

“Yes I know who Bad and Wuji is, but I also know half the people playing in the qualifiers,” XXiF said in a letter posted to Twitter. “I’m bound to run into people that I know or have played against before.”

XXiF became a Fortnite World Cup finalist through these same qualifiers, causing some to call for his removal from the finals. This is the second time cheating allegations have been brought forth during the qualifiers. The first was against Dubs fn, but Epic dismissed it.

Epic has yet to comment on XXiF’s cheating allegations.