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All new items and mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

New is always better.

Image via Epic Games

Another new season of Fortnite is here, and players have been welcomed with countless changes ranging from new points of interest to vehicles.

It wouldn’t be a proper season without adjustments and new additions to the game weapon arsenal. Epic Games dusted off seven unvaulted weapons while vaulting all the Mythical guns from the second season alongside the Pump Shotgun.

To compensate for the changes and bring more variety to the game, the developer also introduced new weapons and items.

Here are all the new weapons and items that hit the servers with Fortnite’s chapter two, season three.

New weapons of Chapter 2, Season 3 in Fortnite

If you thought vaulting the Pump Shotgun would leave us only with Tactical Shotgun, don’t get your hopes up. The Charge Shotgun will be Tactical Shotgun’s rival this season and it comes in six different rarities.

There are also new Mythic weapons to make up for the absence of season two’s. Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle, Jules’ Drumgun, Kit’s Shockwave Launcher, Kit’s Charge Shotgun are the newcomers of this season, and each features a deadly look.

On top of the traditional weapons, a couple of mobility items were also added through the flooded map. Jukes’ Glider Gun and the epic Grappler should make moving around a lot easier in case you can’t find a vehicle, while they’ll also make late-game fights a sight to watch.

A Flare gun will likely be available as the season progresses, which deals 60 damage and has a magazine size of six bullets. We weren’t able to confirm whether the Flare gun would bring other interactions with it like calling out a care package.

New items of Chapter 2, Season 3 in Fortnite

All the new deadly weapons would certainly get out of control without an item to deal with the damage they cause. Ocean’s Bottomless Chug Jug, a recharging variant of the original, was added to the game to help players sustain their health points easier.

It wouldn’t be like Epic to just let players drink their Chug Jugs in peace, however. Alongside unvaulting the Stink Bomb, the developer also introduced a Molotov-like item called the Firefly Jar. Its item description reads “Burn Baby,” which makes it look like it can make the endgame more hectic and fun.